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Custom tournament in NHL 2019

Is it possible to play custom creation of tournament or season in NHL 2019?
Me and my 3 friends want to play league only 4 of us and theres no such option in NHL 2018!


  • I agree with the previous speaker! This game is not only played online, I also cannot create my own tournament with my friends and I write down everything in a notebook so I ask myself whether it is deliberately made every year to make our life difficult or maybe it deals with this department someone not very creative?
  • Nitrikox
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    edited September 2018
    Signs with the above question! We want to be able to create own league in NHL2019, ie. 2,3,4... players without a cpu controlled teams. Best futboll style.
  • we need a custom tournament option, with groups, so we can play international teams, i dont no why they cancel it
  • also custom the nhl season to half a season or less, if 2k can do it, why cant ea.
    Why dont ea answer
  • why there is no option to disable teams controlled by AI while creating the league, there is no creation of your own tournament / league without AI participation!
    EA, go back these options NHL99!
  • Has there been any developments here? Anyone able to connect with EA to determine if this is in fact not an option with NHL19? Or find a way to carry it out?

    I think we are talking about the same thing...I am trying to revive a league that me and five high school buddies use to play on NHL95 on the Genesis many years ago. We all live in other places now, but it would be great for us to be able to put a 6 man league in place...hold an offline draft in advance so we can edit the teams to our liking, make trades throughout the season, record team and player stats for us, and work through a season against each other on line. I am pretty sure past versions had allowed for such a structure, no? Any chance of additional modes being released later?
  • While I don't believe there is a way to make a Custom Tournament in NHL 19 if you're trying to create a specialized tournament a potential work around would be PlayOff Mode and then replace the NHL teams with whatever teams you'd like. For instance, you could create a World Cup/International Tournament this way although it would be bracket and no group play. Hope this helps. Enjoy the CHEL.
  • lubisko
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    I'd like to see a custom tournament in NHL 20. Didn't the game have one before?
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