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Momentum physics in NHL18

19 is around the corner and I for one couldn’t be happier to bury 18 forever. I have been thinking why the player movement has been frustrating me so much in every HUT and Online VS game, but not in EASHL?

It feels like in 18 the physics, especially related to momentum, has been turned up to 11.

In EASHL I control one guy, I know where he’s headed and I know how to correctly manouver that player to the direction I want without fighting the physics.

In unlocked modes I take control of various player moving in various directions. When I take control of a player, I often don’t have the correct preconception of the current heading of that player and when I attempt to move the player I end up figting the physics.

In NHL19 beta, the unlocked modes felt way better due to players being able to turn faster.
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