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NHL 19 Bugs & Glitches

Gonna make a page for people to post Glitches/Bugs found in the full Release of the game, please say what console your on, where your from, post any pics or videos of the glitch/bug maybe how often it occurs as well


  • so Drop ins seems to be freezing up or losing players before opening faceoff needs to be priority number one
  • HandsomeCatf1sh
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    Just hit some body into the boards...guess I hurt him cuz someone from other team was about to fight me...game made a weird electronic buzzing sound on a frozen screen for about 5 seconds...then threw me back to the main NHL 19 screen.
  • Eashl 3v3 only:

    First face off of game, the EASHL logo blocks the initial facoff can't see anything.

    Shooting is broken on penalty shots and breakaways. Try to go backhand forehand and my guy literally gets stuck backhand. Shooting animations are overexaggerated. Also, cpu players run into the goalie more often than not during penalty shots.

    Snipers are overpowered. The speed is insane. They don't need any defensive stats like poke Check or hitting when they take 3 steps to catch up to me when I'm already heading up ice and they have to stop and go. It's a joke. Speed once again is all that matters in eashl 3v3 not skill. Go play every single person is a sniper. It needs to be needed.

    Don't even try playing as a power forward against a sniper or else you'll have to just sit back all day to protect against breakaways. Also what genius decided "don't even think about playing any defense" in the power forward description? Really?

    Poke checking still sucks. Skating parallel with the puck carrier whose forehand is on my side, my guy should NEVER poke at the feet.

    LB block... I block a shot either with LB or a dive... Guy THEN trips over me and I get called for a penalty. OK ea... Not a penalty. Meanwhile I can run around and board players all game with no penalties. No balance.
  • On hut I saved up enough money to buy the new evolution extreme pack and it gave me an error and when I went back in it said I had 22 items in my inbox and when I went through there were no evo collectibles but 2 silvers? Did my game break and those silvers are supposed to be evolutions because that’s not fair I spent all that money pretty much only for the collectibles? Any way it can be fixed?
  • I created a team in franchise mode and use two goalies, Scott Darling and Mike Smith. I accidentally started Smith in a game and brought Darling in a minute into a scoreless game. Darling ended up winning the game, 4-1, but it credited both Darling AND Smith with a win. Not cool, clean that crap up please, EA. Not like it can be fixed in the middle of franchise mode. I'm a stat and simulation nerd in my 40s, so needless to say this is a bummer.
  • Franchise mode. Why are the player stats named NHL or AHL and not by Team? I remember in past it was like this. If I trade a player during a season I want to know about his stats which belongs to my Team. So it need to be divided for each Team he played during the Season.

    This happens every. Single. Game.

    - Coach telling me how to win face-offs and likes my positioning as a Centerman. He also likes how I cover for defense. Pretty cool input considering I play as a defenseman.

    - Coach telling me I need to make something happen on the powerplay if I want to be out there. Thanks coach, considering I am the goalie....

    - Lay my stick on the ice to intercept passes yet puck always goes through my stick. Funny when I lay my stick on the ice I can get called for tripping though.

    - If I choose LD, with an AI defender, he plays my position. Does the same when I choose RD. Can someone explain to him in simple code there is already a player assigned to that position?

    - After I get out of the penalty box coach indicates he wants me to go to the bench. Why does he want this in a mode with no line changes?

    The above issues have been there for, what, 3-4 years now? Not including laying your stick down. That one's new this year.

    This I have seen only a few times, but if a delayed penalty is called and the penalized team does not touch the puck by the end of the period, next period the "delayed penalty" icon stays on almost all period. Last game this happened the penalty indicator disappeared with 3 minutes left in the period.
  • in be a pro mode it won't let you advance past round 1 I've tried 2 seasons in a row the terrible cutomer support told me to post it on the forums i won in 4 but if I go into the calendar it shows on the right i won in 4 but shows 5 games that have a w has this happened to anyone else?
  • Just want to give the heads up that we have seen this thread and are tracking these issues and anything else that gets added to it.
  • um Dressing Room Errors? Pause glitch?
  • Sgt_Kelso
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    A couple of fun items in recent games, puck physics in action:

    In the second one, I get five minutes for boarding, just look at the LW (green) in the red team:

    We had interesting EASHL game just a minutes ago. I get two minutes, and end up sitting about 8 minutes in total... our team kept taking penalties, and we were 3 against 5 all that time. Guys who got the penalty after me got out before me, etc.

    That game was decided on OT... we got another penalty coming... and the opponent scored own goal in their empty net.... :)
  • The past 3-4 days my game has been running slow, auction house and pack opening screens taking like 30 sec to a minute to load. Also when I collect coins or sell a player for thousands of coins, the sound just make one fast coin click sound.
  • After the dedi servers update for HUT. I keep getting kicked from the EA servers.

    Even though I'm still connected to xbox live.

    My xbox is hardwired with a 300 Mbps DL and 25 Mbps UL. 0% packet loss and port forwarding are set.

    I don't have any issues playing online on any other games.
  • The other teams will leave in the third period of EASHL and it will cause the game to freeze. There is just a loading screen at the top right and you can't hit the start button. If all of your players leave and you go back to the lobby it says that you lost even though you were winning.
  • NHL 19 is a bug in and of itself, guys....
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