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So they did it again.



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    You know, after playing a couple of games ProAm, dropins EASHL, and club EASHL, I think there are differences between speed & agility. Obviously, ProAm singleplayer seems very agile and fast, then you move to drop-ins, and the feel seems different, less explosive and quick. And the couple of club games I played, well they seemed less even agile than drop-ins?

    It could be just an impression, and ProAm forces certain camera angles on you (it seems, and then leaves them on, so you have to go to CHEL options to change them), so that might have something to do how it feels. But still, it was kinda worrying how even drop-ins and club seem to handle just a little differently? And in club, there were some odd things happening which I havent observed in drop-ins so much. About puck control and missing the puck mostly. Am I just imagining things, or does connection quality come into play here? But why would club feel 'worse' than drop-ins?

    Pro-Am is meant to be faster and more arcade. The others have felt the same for me. I will say this though. I truly wish EASHL games were on Olympic sized rinks. I love playing some of the Euro teams in challenges on their big ice where it would be impossible to just stack the blue line and trap
  • Hm, yes it's only a couple of games in EASHL, so hard to say really... do drop-ins and club use EA servers identically? It 's probably lag that makes the individual games feel a bit different?
  • 100 percent, this game does not feel like the beta did in EASHL and It has to be server related. Same fat man lag games for the most part that have plagued this game on next gen making the new skating feel like it did in 18, slow and unresponsive to any input pucks going right through you and your stick its just a terrible experience and I think its time for EA to take some responsibility and try and actually try to make things better server side or try to compensate through a tuner change. I have done all I can on my end... 1GB Internet, Directly wired to Personal Router , Opened Ports, Cat 7 cabling....Not much else I can do. Its really a shame too because the beta was such a great experience.
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