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NHL 20 Patch Details April 3rd

Check out our April 3rd patch details here.

Animations to consider for the future

Well NHL 19 is here so I wanna make a few points to consider implementing an animation for next year (yes I’m serious this soon)

Blueline puck save
- depending on the players balance, speed, and aggression, this could determine if a defending player on the blue line could save the puck in the offensive zone, or go tumbling into the board.

Skating the blue line
- depending on the players skating ability and offensive awareness, a player should be able to carry the puck at the blue line without risking an accidental offsides. There is yet an animation for this type of skating, as currently the player will knowingly puck handle over the blue line verses making an effort to keep it in.

Light Checking the Walls
- often find in hockey, you’ll find a player will lightly check into the wall. Currently, If you finish skating into the wall, there is no animation. There should be an automatic animation for giving a light check against an opposing player when you skate into a wall. This is not necessarily a check into the boards, but more when a player runs out of space to have the ability to stop skating and is forced into the boards.


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