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Dressing Room Error - PS4


  • @EA_Roger when is this supposed fix that you guys are working on for the DRE supposed to drop? This is absolutely ridiculous that I still can’t play EASHL.
  • John403 wrote: »
    @EA_Roger when is this supposed fix that you guys are working on for the DRE supposed to drop? This is absolutely ridiculous that I still can’t play EASHL.

    They have no idea. They don't have a fix. Currently I'm sure they are in all out panic mode because the "fix" they released to us did NOTHING (they will say it cut back on errors a lot, it probably didn't.) So now they are all freaking out trying to come up with the next story they can tell us about how well the patch worked and how we are on the right path, and they are working on a permanent fix.
  • Just had 2 dressing room errors in a row in 3v3 and only 2 guys on each team. This really is insane
  • Now trying 6v6 and have had 6 dressing room errors in a row with a team of 5. Attempting our 7th now.
  • @EA_Roger I have seen a definite INCREASE in dressing room errors since the posting about the server fix going live.
  • I gave up on the game for a solid 2 weeks hoping that they’d fix it by now. It’s embarassing. I get 2-3 Errors at least every single time I try to get into an EACHL game. Disappointing.
  • Cuubanaamio
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    Before the supposed server fix, I was able to play more or less everytime I just restarted the game.

    So before the it went like this:
    First game (could be succesful or could be DRE) -> restart game -> Get in successfully -> restart game -> get in succesfully etc.

    Sometimes it would just throw the error on the whole team and no one gets in.

    We played last night and now it goes like this the whole time:
    First game (same as before) -> restart game -> DRE -> restart game -> Get in successfully -> restart game -> DRE -> restart game -> Get in successfully -> restart game -> DRE -> restart game -> Get in successfully etc.

    So now it takes twice as long to get back in to the game. Having to constantly restart this was already frustrating enough.

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  • grimbo19875
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    Spend alot of money to buy this game expecting to relax and have fun instead all i get is time wasted and frustration. Disgraceful!

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  • Well just got dressing room error when searching for a drop in game. That's a first for me lol, usually I just get them going into games. Safe to say the fix didnt help any
  • Flack14
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    Honestly EA this is absurd. 3 v 3 with friends and in the last hour (no exaggeration) we’ve managed to play ONE game with every other game resulting in a dressing room error for one of us. The ridiculous thing is that we must have had at least 15 dressing room errors yet we still persist. Why do we persist? Because we love this game when it works but we honestly can’t keep putting time aside to do this. Once a week we put time aside to play this game and that’s difficult enough as it is with child caring duties and long working hours. This game has let us down on almost every occasion over the past month. You already have our money and that’s the sickening part but do you feel morally satisfied knowing this is happening to so many people? Please fix this or compensate us in some way.
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  • Has anyone tried reinstalling the game? Someone I used to play with claims it fixed it for him.
  • Yup. Nothing has been fixed. Same issue as before, still. This is absurd. So glad I paid full price for a game that works every other game...sometimes.
  • One patch in and you still can’t fix an issue that was around since beta. I’m getting dressing room errors in every Chel mode including ones. I think it’s time to explore the class action route if we can’t get a fix our due compensation.
  • Very damaging indeed. You expect to be able to play a game you spend your earning on. Getting a DRE 8 games out of 10 is total trash. This is completely disgraceful for a company to act this way, and not doing anything to fix it is a middle finger to all of us who spent the money to buy it.
  • EA what is the deal with this error!? You’ve known about it since the beta and it seems to be a problem for Majority of people. This is why you guys get ripped on constantly.
  • Have you guys got on option to set the port your PS4 is connected to in passthrough mode?
  • I'm not here to talk any trash. I would just really like this DRE issue fixed, please. Organized club play starts this week and while I find it annoying for me to restart the app after every game, it's even more annoying for my teammates. I don't get a specific error code, just DRE and have had this since Beta. I have bee playing every year since NHL 99 (I'm old) and this is the only year where I'm truly frustrated with the game. EA, pls fix.
  • I'm not port forwarding or doing any of that stuff. I have 10 games that work just fine. I'm not doing anything special to play 1 game when all other titles work great
  • Hi @EA_Roger!

    My previous post was deleted and I was warned because I called out an EA employee instead of discussing the topic at hand.

    I believe that I *was* discussing the topic at hand. You are doing a good job at managing the community, and I did not call you out on that. But the topic at hand is shifting towards the bug that has persisted since the beta to how it’s being handeled.

    You (EA) have had ample of time to diagnose and solve this issue since the beta and post launch. I believe that topic is now equally concerning how you are organised to solve this issue and it is worth pointing out here to draw your attention to what is becoming a core issue on this topic.

    I would be interested in what concrete measures are being taken to solve this and what your timeline and roadmap looks like.

    Again, there’s no ill will towards you or any employee, only towards the issue at hand.
  • We certainly hoped that the dressing room errors were going to be reduced but after reviewing the data, unfortunately, there has been no change. In the latest patch we have added additional information that can be turned on via gameplay tuner set, so we have a change that will likely go out tomorrow that enables that extra info. It will be another day or two of analyzing that data to determine where in code the errors are occurring. When I have more info to share out with you, I'll be posting to this main thread.

    The Full Session issue - We hope to have out soon, but not ETA at this very moment. Stress Testing has been completed but we are waiting on the results and the go ahead before we schedule the deploy to the retail servers.
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