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Dressing Room Error - PS4


  • Sgt_Kelso
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    edited October 2018
    I played around with the DNS settings, using the ones from my service provider, and the ones for Google which everybody says are the best. I got disconnected from EA server a couple of times, and even PSN chat crashed with network error.

    After that I returned back to easy setup with PS4, and let it set the DNS. No problems after that.

    Not sure what the relevancy is exactly re: DRE, but something to consider maybe?
  • The vast majority of games get dressing room error. The sucesful attempts to join a game are a minority. I havent had any updates i am aware of recently either but the point is its still going on.
  • PS4 in DMZ, since the start, and I still get DR Errors and sometimes when accepting friend invites to games I just get a blatant "Error Code" which is some 20 letter code and it kicks me out. Reasons like this are why yall should just release a new game every other year, with roster updates and minor features in between.
  • Still one game in a hour.......fun😠
  • I909E
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    Literally happens on Threes, 3v3, 6v6 club or drop ins 90% of the time!

    @EA any fix yet ?
  • Come on!!!!
  • I dont know if its been rectified or not but no dressing room errors at all today! About time!
  • Literally had to restart the game 4 times before getting a PRIVATE GAME in Eashl 6's to work. WHAT THE ACTUAL FRICK. Is there ANY way I can get my money back, because I'm done with this.
  • I'm still having serious problems even getting into a CHEL or EASHL game. Out of 10 attempts last night to play an online team play 3v3 game with 2 friends, 3/10 we all got into the game, 5/10 one of the three of us disconnected with the "Dressing Room Error" showing and 2/10 none of us were able to make it into the game (all got Dressing Room Error). It's really bad that EA released game modes that only work 30% of the time. I can get into 1's games with no problem but 3's or 6's are almost always a problem.

    I also have another issue getting the error in this picture (below) when I try to accept an invite to a 3's or 6's lobby (CHEL or EASHL). I can accept lobby invites so long as I restart my game (go to PS menu, exit from game, click on game again to re-load) after every single game but if I don't and try to accept an invite after finishing 1 game, it will either not load at all (as if I did not accept the invite) or try to load for a while with the circle spinning and then give me the error in the picture. I honestly exit and restart my NHL19 game after every single 3's and 6's game now since I know the game has no chance of working unless I do this. I can sometimes get the game to work if I sit in the post game menu where it automatically brings me back to the CHEL lobby, but even then most of the time one of us 3 will get the Dressing Room Error when we try to start another game.

    Has anyone had any success getting the game to work consistently? I only bought NHL19 for CHEL and EASHL and its very annoying to spend 2/3 of my time trying to get the game to work and 1/3 of my time actually playing the game. I like the game so I do give the developers credit for the changes from NHL18 to NHL19 but when a game takes only 20 minutes to play but I can only play 1 per hour because the rest of the time someone's disconnecting it's frustrating.

    Are there any plans for EA to even try to make the game work? I'm willing to change whatever Playstation 4 settings I can change but other than this game, I haven't had any other issues at all so I believe my connection and settings are fine.

    I'm worried EA has moved on to development of other games and that NHL19 will remain as it is until NHL20 comes out.

  • midnightmonk17
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    edited October 2018
    Like they put the official game out with this problem....
  • I have this issue constantly
  • Where the heck have the updates been @EA_Roger??? It’s been over a week with no answers. It seems that 90% of people have issues now with Threes and EASHL more than ONES.

    That, and the patches that keep coming out are more detrimental to the game. Taking away computer causing delay of games? The computer doesn’t get penalties in general in HUT or CHEL either. This just instills the fact that they’re somehow perfect when we know that’s a lie.

    The community speaks of the issues and the patches are more concerned over small stuff like “dropping sticks”

    Are we going to fix the DRE and actually HEAR what you promised with updates?
    EA_Roger wrote: »
    @Sebban1995 , I want to be honest and set your expectations on this. This agent should not have promised you that this would resolve the issue as we are still investigating this on our end. These steps are basic connectivity & PlayStation troubleshooting steps. I would also discourage you to do the last step as it's very time consuming and isn't linked to the issue at hand.

    @all Thank you for continuing to try these workarounds, I know this has been going on a long time now and you are (rightfully so) running out of patience with us. I'll try to update this on a daily basis even if it's to let you know there is no update if you prefer. We are still working on this on our end and we don't expect the troubleshooting steps to magically fix everything but every little piece of information you've been provided has helped us get closer to a fix. Thank you for bearing with us.

  • I'm on a PS4 Pro and I get booted with a dressing room error 95% of the time after everyone has readied up and the clock runs out. I think I have spent twice as much time in menus and loading screens than playing the game. I'm with Shaw and I thought I fixed the issue turning on ip passthrough on the modem after scouring the internet for solutions. Worked for a while then bam, update and its pooches again. Now it doesn't work either way. Too frustrating. All other games work fine
  • All the time dressing room error, EA needs to do something about it, it's really frustrating and boring.
  • 6zgblxt7cp5z.jpg

    World of chel doesn't work at all
  • Just so everyone knows I recently completed an online chat with EA customer service. In their words there are currently no issues with the game. I have the chat transcript to prove it. Unreal
  • Red dead in two weeks guys the end is soon.
  • jmoney370 wrote: »
    Red dead in two weeks guys the end is soon.

    Can’t wait. I love hockey but this has been a huge disappointment this year. I’m convinced this whole DRE thing is FUBAR at this point

  • Community Manager

    Great news, a fix for this issue has been identified and will be made available to players in an upcoming update.

    The date that this occurs is subject to change and the fix may not be in the next update but it is expected soon.

    We apologise for the inconvenience this issue has caused and we are looking forward to getting you back on the ice ASAP.

    Too late for me bought another game. Will not be returning
  • JRsmith905
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    edited October 2018
    No fix?

    Edited to remove all caps. - EA_Cian
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