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Dressing Room Error - PS4


  • So day two of me not getting into a 6s game not in drop not in club but I can play ones and threes.@EA_Roger
  • EA_Roger
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    Our Studio team is still working on this as we speak, thanks to information provided by the community we have managed to progress, there however something we need to clarify.

    Have you ever ran into the issue when "actively matchmaking"? By that we mean after you hit the "Start matchmaking" button in your lobby and it searches for other players. You see this message appear at the bottom right corner of your screen:


    Have ever encountered the "Dressing Room" error during this phase or does it only occur once you've transitioned into the lobby or started to transition?

    Let me know if you have any questions.


  • The error comes when everybody has selected positions and we are transitioning into the actual game. The players that are going to get in have the background of the screen go blacked out and those who aren’t going to make it in does not change. Happens to at least one of the six people per side every single 6v6 game
  • EA_Roger
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    Thanks @John403 for the confirmation & quick response.
  • Oh wow got into a 6s game only 2 guys on each side played half a period and lost connection and got a loss for it lol I am going back to 18
  • @EA_Roger your dev team had better do something quick to fix this. Something also needs to be done to reimburse the early release people. I know I will never shell out the extra coin for the early release. I am very soured at having to shell out money only to not be able to play the mode that I play most often. Can’t even play club with my friends. Very disappointed in this launch and hope you guys are going to do something to help draw some of us back in.
  • @EA_Roger

    Can confirm. Only when in the Match Up Lobby with the other team where you can see other players from the other Team Ready Up. It will do the count down timer to start the game and hit zero and then just hang for 30 seconds before either A. someone leaves (minimum amount of players error) B. Dressing Room Error. This error happens with both teams being readied or when everyone but a few people ready and the "AUTO READY" due to timer goes down and Readys them automagically. So there is not correlation in my eyes if ready or not.

    Can also duplicate this error in Pro-Am mode where it will give a dressing room error right after character Ready. This tells me I need to restart my application and reload NHL19. Its a quick check for me to see if I can play EASHL or not. But the best fix is to restart the application. However if the other team did not do the same thing, my hypothesis is that we will all encounter the error and now we have the dressing room "flag" set to us, where we will have to restart the application.

    I messaged Rammer about the possibility of the PS4 software versions conflicting with one another during match making as I was able to play EASHL on the first early release day without the latest software running. I updated and I made the situation worse it felt for me.
  • snudmusk
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    The Bauer Vapor skates might be the cause. They are the default skate but then are also an unlockable. I changed skates and haven't had the dressing room error since.

    Disregard just had one..
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  • I'm having exactly the same issues. Dressing room error everytime I try to play a game without resetting my ps4
  • @EA_Roger I’ve only ever encountered it when the actual game is about to load. When it say “starting match” and the wheel is spinning in the bottom right corner.
  • When the game is about to load
  • @EA_Roger I cannot even get in a game higher than 5v2. I've been trying for 2 hours, and havent even reached the point of trying to load a game to see. This is extremely disappointing.
  • I cannot play EASHL at all. I get a “dressing room error” every time I try to play a game. I can’t play with a group of 6 friends or just solo. As soon as the game goes to load I stay at the screen where you pick positions and ready up and I get the error. It’s not a error code just a dressing room error
  • PSN is xX_91Stamkos91_X, having this issue every single time I go to transition into a game have gotten into 2 drop in games out of 20+ searches and have not made it into one club game yet out of 10+ searches, it’s extremely frustrating seeing as I paid extra to play the game early with friends and I’m deprived of being able to do to an issue which shouldn’t be happening, I don’t have any problems on any other game and never once received an error code on NHL 18
  • Same happening to me. Get "Dressing Room Error" before the game loads. Other club members seem to be fine, and yet I haven't had an issue connecting to any other NHL games.
  • I am the only one of 3 that gets kicked everytime in 3v3 club. My other two friends never have the problem, only I do. The only way we have been able to increase my odds of connecting is by making sure both teams are INSTANTLY Ready up when we get matched (after the matchmaking search). If we can get everyone to ready up INSTANTLY (before :20) hits on countdown, I can often get in. This is obviously very annoying and should not be necessary!
  • Like this conment if you think everyone with this issue should get a free 85+ ovr player for their hut squad!
  • lmao tried re-installing and now get "failed to retrieve data" every time I attempt to go into the dressing room. Just awesome.
  • Try changing dns settings to the google dns.
    Fixed dressing room error for me
  • Try changing dns settings to the google dns.
    Fixed dressing room error for me

    That won't work. I've been using those for years.
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