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NHL 19 - Tuner Notes (MASTER LIST)

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NHL 19 Tuner 1.03 - Expected Availability October 24th @ 2am PST

This tuner is aimed to help address two major areas of feedback we have seen from the community: the prevelance of Skillzone defense and incidental contact/bumps being too strong.

  • Tuned down AI aggression towards the puck carrier and loose pucks in Online VS and HUT
  • Further muting of AI defensive actions in Online VS and HUT. There will still be some rare cases where the AI will perform a defensive action if the puck comes loose as we want them to defend passes and their logic works similar on pass receptions and loose puck acquisition.
  • Improved cases where an AI goalie was reacting too quickly to passes even when not reading a pass.
  • Improved cases where an AI goalie was able to recover too easily against their momentum.
  • Improved cases where goaltender passes were getting overly assisted
  • Improved some cases where players would sometimes lose the puck from incidental contacts that weren’t big enough to trigger a stumble. This was done by increasing the distance the puck needs to be from the stick for incidental puck loss. Collisions of stumbles or greater remained unchanged and will follow the same physics behavior as before.
  • Improved a player’s ability to withstand push checks at lower relative speeds, especially from behind. Results will still vary based on the players involved and the more detailed context of the collision.

    We’re continuing to monitor some other major areas of feedback from the community, however at this time we have not implemented any changes. These include skating and poke checking.


    October 11th @ 2am PST - Tuner 1.02
    • Improved consistency of penalty calls from errant stick lifts
    • Increased deking success rate in keeping the puck. Player attributes still provide a big range in ability but all players will be improved from where they were with the change.
    • Improved consistency of blocking incidental stick contact if the stick collided with body geo first
    • Improved pickup solve consistency
    • Players will no longer drop their sticks
    • Improvements to AI goalie decision making when playing the puck out of their net. Mostly impacts goalies that were too aggressive
    • AI goalie puck tracking improvements
    • Reduced the chance ai skaters will put the puck over the glass for delay of game penalties in World of Chel


    September 19th @ 2am PST - Tuner 1.01
    • Poke checks now need to get a slightly larger piece of the player to cause them to trip
    • Increase to pokecheck accuracy when poking to ideal angles
    • Additional tuning for how goalies read the future puck position/potential shot position on dekes
    • Added consistency for user goalies to transition to post hug at extreme facing directions
    • Tuning for goalies commitment logic when considering dropping to butterfly
    • Decreased team energy gain off whistles – was allowing 1st and 2nd lines to be put out more often than intended
    • AI goalies are more likely to come out to play the puck on long dump ins
    • Players are now unable to drop their stick in Ones


    September 1, 2018 – Tuner 1.00 Updates from Beta to Final
    • Tuning for tripping based around positioning, player speed and collision
    • Increased speed of forehand stick lift faceoff win
    • Tuning for how goalies read the future puck position on dekes
    • Tuning for ai goalie decisions to pokecheck
    • Tuned blend times for dekes into shot blends to eliminate blends that were too fast
    • Tuned down injury lengths in EASHL
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    Tuner 1.04 Notes

    Tuner 1.04 is based off of the latest tuner for online play with a few more updates based on feedback we've received.

    All Online Modes will be using tuner 1.04.

    TUNER 1.04 NOTES
    • Turned down the top-level ability for speed, acceleration and agility when backskating with the puck
      • Overall, this will help address the issues we have seen the community raise regarding backskating with the puck being overpowered, especially when entering the offensive zone.
      • This value is in between what the penalties were for backskating with the puck in previous NHL titles and what they were with no penalties. The changes will be subtle, but should help prevent the effectiveness of backskating with the puck.
      • Backskating without the puck will be unaffected by these changes.
    • Added improvements to faceoff tuning to fix potential rare edge cases that were being reported around faceoff counters not working reliably at times
    • Fix for an issue introduced in tuner 1.02 regarding AI penalty frequency in offline modes. Penalties from the AI offline using this tuner will now be the same as they are in tuners 1.00 and 1.01
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