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NHL 19 - Update Notes (Master List)

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Day 0 Content Update – Available September 1, 2018 (Xbox One: Patch Version 1.1 and PS4: Patch Version 1.01)


  • Disabled various player interactions (fights, scrums, instigations) during Ones
  • To compliment the fix to the bug that allowed you to win a forehand draw while using the backhand grip we made some faceoff balance changes
  • Backhand stick lift now beats the tieup
  • Forehand stick lift now beats the Backhand stick lift
  • Removed broken sticks from online modes
  • Fixed cases where CPU players were still taking penalties in non player locked online games

  • Improvements to AI goalies from sharp angles

Poke Checking
  • Fixed cases where poke checks were tripping a player after getting puck first
  • Fixes to accuracy of poke checks on stationary/slow moving loose pucks
  • Fixed a case where players were not being tripped after consecutive pokes
  • Various additional poke check targeting fixes

  • Anaheim Ducks 3rd Uniform
  • EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz
  • Red Bull Salzburg Home and Away
  • Vienna Capitals Home and Away
Stadium Updates
  • Updated scoreboard in the Prudential Center

World of Chel
  • The game now defaults to preset home and away tops in 6v6 instead of user assigned casual tops. This resolves visual confusion during gameplay.
  • Various changes to customization items for better in-game readability
  • Fixed an issue where gameplay assets were being rendered in the main menu
  • Fixed a case where the game would frequently hang when going into a 6v6 game of drop in
  • Fixed rare crashes when rolling over to the dressing room after a match
  • Fixed a rare crash in the post game screen due to Voip conflicts.
  • Fixed a rare desync at the puck drop in Ones
  • Fixed various issues where the game would crash when moving from one mode to another
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  • Ty_Hors
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    PATCH 1.2.0 - (Expected Availability October 4th)

    Hockey Ultimate Team
    • Added a new Autofill mechanic to Sets to improve the Set redemption flow
      • You can now Autofill your sets with one of two options:
        • Autofill
        • Autofill Duplicates only
      • You will be able to confirm the completion, should you want to swap any items out.
    • Added Quick Apply options for Contract and Healing items
      • You will now be able to quickly apply contracts and healing items to your players through the “Apply Consumables” option in the Edit Lineup flow.
    • Added OT lines as editable lines
    • Updated Auction House and Collection Search Flow
      • You will now be able to set and change your search filters in the same screen that you view the items in the Auction House or Collection Search
    • Added Position labels to edit lines to indicate what position a card is playing in.

    World of CHEL
    • Added Private Matchmaking PIN to Drop-in and Club Dressing Rooms (feature to replace old Club Challenge system) MORE INFO
    • Online Player Indicators setting will now showing 6 unique colors for the opposing team rather than showing the same colors as your own team to prevent confusion
    • Fixed an issue in Drop-in where when a user sometimes joined an existing session from matchmaking it would prevent all users from entering gameplay
    • Fixed an issue where the game can crash for some users who remain in a 6v6 Clubs game once the game has fallen below the minimum number of users
    • Fixed an intro cut scene issue in Pro-Am where the crowd would pop into the scene
    • Fixed an issue where unlockable preset goal horns weren’t triggering in Pro-Am games
    • Fixed an issue where unlockable goal horns do not play when scoring as the away team in 3v3 Drop-in
    • Fixed an issue where backing out of the matchup screen to the Dressing Room and then opening the matchmaking settings screen would cause a UI lockup
    • Fixed an issue where the goal songs weren’t being randomized in Drop-in 6v6 or 3v3
    • Fixed an issue where the user may hang after playing a Drop-in 3v3 game and return to the Dressing Room
    • Fixed an issue where the EASHL logo would remain on screen during the intro NIS if multiple consoles selected to skip the intro cut scene
    • Fixed the issues that caused controls and visual settings to be reset after playing Pro-Am games
    • Fixed an issue where users who are invited to play in a club game will wear that club’s uniform in the Dressing Room screens
    • Fixed an issue where all traits are listed under Offense when first entering the Edit Loadout screen from the Dressing Room
    • Fixed an issue where traits filters stop working after the user quickly switches between tabs
    • Fixed an issue where hair colors were not updating correctly on the 3D character in Edit/Customize Pro
    • Fixed an issue where Clubs goalie equipment/appearance does not carry into gameplay for CPU goalies
    • Fixed an issue where the Points stat category wasn’t tracking correctly in the Drop-in HUB
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes a row of stadium chairs is present in Dressing Room when backing out of Customize Club
    • Fixed an issue where the Ones rewards bags were showing the same bag art even though they were different in content
    • Fixed an issue where certain cameras had clipping issues in Junior Stadium 1
    • Changed some of the goalie pom-pom toque patterns to resolve a few seam issues
    • Fixed an issue where the roll over timer was still active in the Pro-Am post game flow
    • Fixed an issue where too many slots where being shown in the dressing room once everyone was Ready
    • Added a trophy win cut-scene for completing Pro-Am tournaments
    • Added the Action Tracker and Box score to the Pause Menus within World of CHEL
    • Polished up animations in the Player/Club progression in the post-game flow
    • Added additional Casual Jerseys to earn through hockey bags:
      • Anaheim Ducks Alternate Jersey
      • Arizona Coyotes Alternate Jersey
      • Buffalo Sabres Alternate Jersey
      • Carolina Hurricanes Alternate Jersey
      • Montreal Canadiens Classic Jersey
      • New Jersey Devils Alternate Jersey
      • New York Rangers Stadium Jersey
      • Ottawa Senators Alternate Jersey
      • Philadelphia Flyers Alternate Jersey
      • St. Louis Blues Alternate Jersey
      • Toronto Maple Leafs Alternate Jersey
      • Toronto Maple Leafs Stadium Jersey
      • Washington Capitals Stadium Jersey

    Creation Zone
    • Added over 40 Adidas template uniforms


    • Fixed some cases where the AI would not target the puck correctly on poke checks
    • Fixed a case where the AI would get stuck behind the net in Threes
    • Improvements made to the AI to divert them away from the net when picking up the puck around their goaltender
    • Fixed some cases where players would divert away from the boards during some breakouts
    • Improvements made to make the CPU win the faceoff towards a teammate more reliably when there is only one defenseman
    • Improvements to teammate puck support in board play

    Defensive Skill Stick / Poke Checking
    • Fixed some cases where a skater is exiting Crouch Block would not trip opponents
    • Fixed some cases where players would get called for tripping while a goaltender is carrying the puck
    • Fixed various cases where Defensive Skill Stick was not going to the location where the Right Stick was held before going into Defensive Skill Stick

    • Fixed some cases where passes off backhand would play a forehand animation unexpectedly
    • Fixed a case where a user would rarely lose control of their player off a line change
    • Fixes made to faceoff formations
    • Improvements made to increase the consistency of player switching
    • Fixed cases where goalie interference was being called even after the goalie was able to fully recover
    • Various coach feedback tuning and bug fixes
    • Various desync fixes

    • Fixed a case where a user goalie could get stuck in the paddle down position
    • Fixed a case where a user goalie would temporarily lose the functionality to poke check
    • Reduced the dead zone on the left stick which was causing inconsistent movement on precision pushes
    • Various improvements made to puck cover consistency
    • Various improvements made to tracking possessed pucks on breakaways
    • Various goalie animation fixes

    • Improvements made to prevent skaters from being unable to get up when they are knocked down
    • Fixed a case where a user would rarely lose control of their player when knocked down
    • Improvements made to rebalance ‘get up’ and ‘stumble’ timings after a collision
    • Improvements made to a variety of ‘get up’ animations

    • Various improvements made to pickup animations
    • Improvements made to puck pickup consistency
    • Change to make players a bit more aggressive pivoting to forward to receive passes
    • Applied a change to make players slightly more aggressive when they are pivoting to forward to receive a pass
    • Applied changes to make players not reach as much on loose pucks as they were leaving the player too vulnerable

    • Improvements to shot blending out of dekes to improve consistency
    • Fix for players sometimes turning to shot target before attempting one timer
    • Various shooting animation improvements

    • Removed the ability to backhand toe drag when back skating
    • Improvements to make vision control more consistent
    • Various skater animation fixes
    • Improvements made to skater animations for when a skater is going into an idle animation from a stop
    • Fixed an issue that was causing spin-o-rama to rotate further than intended
    • Changes made to pivot speed to make it more affected by player rating
    • Various skating transition fixes

    • Various specialization bug fixes and tuning


    Franchise Mode
    • Improved CPU-team signing logic. Teams will now try to reserve cap space for pending RFAs and UFAs on their roster.
    • Improved salary demands of players to be more in-line with the real world
    • Improved defenseman scoring in Franchise Mode during sims
    • More accurate TOI/G for European prospects
    • Updated Amateur Scouting Strengths and Weakness reports to reduce the amount of Reach weaknesses generated
    • Added a popup at the beginning of the pre-season to remind the user to assign scouts
    • Added a popup at the beginning of the re-sign phase to remind the user to re-sign their Scouts
    • Fixed an issue where the user can hire scouts when they were not allowed to
    • Fixed a crash during Expansion Mode team creation
    • Added player handedness and player type as Player Search filter options
    • Fixed an issue where the Draft Board became unusable after pinning 20-year-old undrafted players who became Free Agents
    • Added a pop-up in the Roster Moves screen that tells the user if a player was claimed off waivers
    • Added Scout Depth Chart to the Hire Scouts screen
    • Added Team Depth Chart to Region Assignment screen
    • Fixed an issue where overall did not show in the Retain Salary screen when Fog of War was off
    • During the pre-season, minimum salary cap rules are no longer enforced
    • Fixed an issue where retired players did not show their last reports on the Retirements screen
    • Fixed an issue where Free Agents that needed an Entry-Level contract did not show under the 2-way filter
    • Player style column added to Free Agents screen
    • Fixed an issue where the user could not use the triggers to swap player cards on the Make Pick screen at the Draft
    • Added a banner on the Amateur player card that shows if that player is being scouted
    • Added functionality to the player card that allows the user to press up/down to navigate pages
    • Added functionality to the Amateur player card that allows the user to open Full Career Stats for Amateur players
    • UX Improvements to the Assign Scout and Select Prospects screen
    • Miscellaneous UI/UX Improvements throughout the mode
    • Improved how the CPU will handout Entry level contracts to lower end drafted players
    • Improved logic in how the CPU will put Goalies on the trade block when having 2 starters on the team
    • Improved junior goalies’ games played stats

    Online Versus
    • Disabled Position lock for “competitive” Versus games. Users can still position lock in co-op/casual games

    The following jerseys have been added to NHL 19:
    • NHL
      • New Jersey Devils Alternate
      • St. Louis Blues Alternate
    • EBEL
      • HC Orli Znojmo Home and Away
  • Ty_Hors
    60 posts EA Staff (retired)

    PLEASE NOTE: The online servers for NHL 19 will be down for approximately 30 minutes at 2 AM PDT as some work is done alongside the patch.

    Hockey Ultimate Team
    • Added the ability to customize your HUT team in the following ways
      • Captain and Assistant Captain
      • Jersey Numbers
      • Goalie Masks
      • These items will be available in Customization packs and can be applied via the “Apply Consumable” option in your Edit Lines flow
    • Added the ability for user to search the Auction House by Overall rating
    • Fixed various issues in Auction House
    • When a goal is scored, users will see the player items of the goal scorer and who received assists during the goal celebration
    • When viewing a game’s box score, you will now have the ability to see the player items when scrolling through any user-controlled team
    • Fixed an issue where the Star Rating was being shown instead of the Overall in the “Change Active Lineup” screen

    World of CHEL
    • Added Club Captaincy back to EASHL
    • Fixed a rare crash where a user would sometimes crash loading into a Ones game
    • Fixed an issue where “The Lot” image was appearing in the post-game of a Ones game, even if the user was in a different tier
    • Fixed an issue where helmet colors were swapped in some Pro-Am games
    • Fixed an issue where 2 Man Celebrations were not working as intended in Pro-Am games
    • Fixed an issue where an overlap would occur in the Player Class description if a user was quick changing Traits and then changed their Player Class
    • Fixed an issue where a user would become stuck in matchmaking until the timer ran out if another player happened to drop during when the users were matched up and selected Ready
    • Added background art to the Ones Daily Rewards screen
    • Fixed an issue where the Ready button does not unlock once a game finishes if a user enters a Clubs dressing room before the current game is completed
    • Fixed a rare crash when earning a PSN Trophy/Xbox Achievement while playing Ones
    • Fixed an issue where the colors on the scoreboard were different from the colors in the score overlay
    • Fixed a rare desync that would occur when users quit from a Ones or EASHL game and then joined another game
    • Fixed an issue where exiting the Instant Replay from the post-game pause menu will restart the roll over timer when it shouldn’t be present when exiting out of that flow
    • Added a “Next Game” option in the post-game so users can select that option and bypass the timer to return to the dressing room
    • Fixed an issue where headwear was not being displayed on female heads outside of Edit Player
    • Fixed an issue where the user would be booted back to the main menu after opening their very first WoC bag
    • Fixed an issue where the user would become stuck if they quickly cancelled matchmaking then entered the matchmaking settings screen
    • Fixed cases where players would come out of the player bench on penalties instead of the penalty box
    • Improvements to AI behavior when a player disconnects in Ones

    New Content in World of CHEL
    • Colorado Avalanche Alternate Jersey
    • Columbus Blue Jackets Alternate Jersey
    • Edmonton Oilers Alternate
    • Winnipeg Jets Alternate
    • Calgary Flames Alternate
    • Washington Capitals Alternate
    • San Jose Sharks Alternate

    • General
      • Various improvements made for grabbing sticks from the bench
      • Fixed cases where a shot animation was resulting in bobbled shots
      • Fixes to faceoff alignment in defensive zone
      • Various improvements for Defensive AI behaviour off faceoffs
      • Updates to AI logic for when to use defensive skill stick
      • Fixed various crashes
    • Skating
      • Improvements made to Vision Control when pivoting
      • Fixed an issue where energy was not regaining when in a glide while back skating
    • Poke Checking
      • Fixed an issue where players were able to poke check opponents through the net
      • Made improvements to collision detection where sometimes a stick was still able to cause incidental contact with the puck carriers stick or the puck when passing through player geo first.
    • Goalies
      • Improved consistency when transitioning from VH into hug post and from hug post into VH
      • Improved consistency when transitioning from paddle down to the set pose
      • Fixes to AI goaltender puck tracking on Between-the-Legs shots
      • Improved AI goaltender puck tracking on One-Handed Dekes
      • Fixes to AI goaltender puck tracking on Backhand Toe Drag Flip Shots
      • Improved AI goaltender tracking when back skating
      • Consistency improvements to hug post transitions from set pose at extreme angles
      • Various fixes to goalie save coverage when transitioning off the post
      • Improvements to save logic when the AI goaltender is in VH
      • Various fixes for AI Goalie shot anticipation
      • Fixed a case where goalies could get stuck in butterfly
      • Added more tuning ability for how goalies handle secondary threats that could be rebound threats
      • Specializations
        • Various fixes to specializations and traits

    • Franchise Mode:
      • Fixed an issues where junior created players imported into Franchise Mode always had UFA expiring contract status. They will now correctly follow NHL CBA rules.
      • Fixed an issue where some Owner mode related screens showed grey text on a grey background
      • Fixed an issue where the Jersey number screen was white when entering from a popup
      • Fixed an issue where the game would crash if the user switched to AHL during the NHL playoffs while it was still the AHL regular season
      • General UI/UX fixes
      • Be a Pro:
        • Added a popup informing the user that they became the team captain
        • Changed the colour of the starting goalie icon on the Play Next Game tile to better show if the user is the starting goalie that game
    • Online Versus
      • Fixed an issue where users could become stuck while backing out of the Audio/Visual Settings screen as the pause timer expires
    • Global
      • In the pause menu, the Power Player format wasn’t correct. It should have been in the x/x format rather just powerplay opportunities

    • Various improvements to multiplayer celebrations
    • Fixed a case where the score clock timing was incorrect off the opening draw in 2nd and 3rd periods
    • Fix an issue where the goal light was not rendering properly in some stadiums
    • Various camera fixes

    The following uniforms have been added to NHL 19
    • NHL
      • Added Calgary Flames Alternate
      • Added Colorado Avalanche Alternate
      • Added Columbus Blue Jackets Alternate
      • Added San Jose Sharks Alternate
      • Added Washington Capitals Alternate
      • Added Winnipeg Jets Alternate
      • Added Edmonton Oilers Alternate
    • AHL
      • Colorado Eagles Home and Away
    • CHL
      • Lethbridge Hurricanes Home and Away
      • Oshawa Generals Home and Away
      • Shawinigan Cataractes Home and Away
    • ECHL
      • Atlanta Gladiators Home and Away
      • Adirondack Thunder Home and Away
      • Rapid City Rush Home and Away
      • Liiga
      • KalPa Home and Away
      • KooKoo Kouvola Home and Away
    • DEL
      • All Teams Home and Away
      • National League
      • All Teams Home and Away

    Center Ice Changes
    Updated the following Center Ice layouts
    • Anaheim Ducks
    • Carolina Hurricanes
    • Chicago Blackhawks
    • Dallas Stars
    • Detroit Red Wings
    • Minnesota Wild
    • Montreal Canadiens
    • St. Louis Blues
    • Vegas Golden Knights

    We are still investigating into what is causing Dressing Room errors for EASHL. We are still working on it and are trying find out what the exact cause is in order to solve it. We appreciate your patience as we work to address the issue.
  • Ty_Hors
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    NHL 19 Patch 1.4.0

    Hockey Ultimate Team
    • Added more Autofill options to Edit Lines
      • In addition to OVR Rating, you can now Autofill in Edit Lines by:
        • Synergy
        • Card Face Stat
        • Player Attribute
      • You can also select the following options:
        • Autofill full team or just empty positions
        • Include or Exclude Loans
        • Include or Exclude injured players or players with expired contracts
      • Added Right/Left Handedness search filter to Auction House
      • Collection now displays completion stats for each team
      • Improved navigation in Auction House when scrolling through pages
      • Fixed an issue where the score clock did not update after a goal until the following faceoff
      • Fixed an issue where the in-game Card overlay would sometimes cover the Edit Lines overlay after a goal

      World of CHEL
      • Fixed an issue where mascots were not showing up in gameplay when assigned to an EASHL club
      • Fixed an issue where users who weren’t in a club were receiving a “Failed to retrieve data” error message when attempting to view a roster of another club
      • Fixed an issue where setting the Home/Away preference in Private Matchmaking games wasn’t working correctly
      • New Content in World of CHEL
        • Added a new chapter to Pro-Am which has you play alongside the JVG Finnish rappers
        • Added the JVG jerseys as part of the rewards for completing the new Pro-Am chapter
        • Added the Los Angeles Kings Alternate Jersey
        • Added the New York Islanders Alternate Jersey
        • Added the Pittsburgh Penguins Alternate Jersey
        • Added Boston Bruins Winter Classic
        • Added Chicago Blackhawks Winter Classic
        • Added the Wheeling Nailers Alternate Jersey
        • Added the Chicoutimi Sagueneens Alternate Jersey
        • Added the Lethbridge Hurricanes Alternate Jersey
        • Added the Prince George Cougars Alternate Jersey
        • Added the Windsor Spitfires Alternate Jersey

      • General
        • Fixed an issue where weak backhand flip shots driving in on your backhand had too much power
        • Fixed an issue where logic was causing the goalie to sometimes lose control of the puck near the goal line
        • Fixed an issue where when sometimes attempting a backhand shot the stick would flip to forehand

      • Franchise Mode:
        • Added Scouting budget remaining when offering a scout a contract.
        • CPU teams are more willing to accept trades with rental players with 1 year left on their contracts prior to the trade deadline.
        • Increased the # of players that are interested in a Contract Extension during the season.
      • Tournaments
        • Added 2018 Spengler Cup tournament to the game.
        • Presentation
          • Added the Washington’s Capitals Stanley Cup Championship Banner to Capital One Arena
          • Uniforms
            • The following uniforms have been added to NHL 19
              • NHL
                • Added Los Angeles Kings Alternate
                • Added New York Islanders Alternate
                • Added Pittsburgh Penguins Alternate
                • Added Boston Bruins Winter Classic
                • Added Chicago Blackhawks Winter Classic
              • ECHL
                • Cincinnati Cyclones Alternate
                • Indy Fuel Away
                • Kansas City Mavericks Home and Away
                • Wheeling Nailers Alternate
              • QMJHL
                • Chicoutimi Sagueneens Alternate
                • Halifax Mooseheads Alternate
                • Moncton Wildcats Home and Away
                • Val D’Or Foreurs Home and Away
              • OHL
                • London Knights Away
                • Windsor Spitfires Alternate
              • WHL
                • Kootenay Ice Alternate
                • Lethbridge Hurricanes Alternate
                • Moose Jaw Warriors Alternate
                • Prince George Cougars Alternate
              • SHL
                • Farjestad BK Home and Away
                • Malmo Redhawks Alternate
                • Mora IK Home and Away
                • Rogle BK Home and Away
              • HockeyAllsvenskan
                • IF Bjorkloven Home and Away
                • Karlkrona HK Home and Away
                • Vasterviks IK Home and Away

  • Ty_Hors
    60 posts EA Staff (retired)
    Patch 1.5 Notes

    Hockey Ultimate Team
    - Added the ability to multi-select in the Collection
    - Fixed issue where Rapperswil-Jona Lakers Goalie Mask Item was missing art
    - Fixed issue where if both teams in a Hockey Ultimate Team game have the same player but different OV values, the manage teams screen would show the base OV for both players.

    New Content in World of CHEL
    • Added the Worcester Railers Alternate Jersey

    The following uniforms have been added to NHL 19
    • Atlanta Gladiators Alternate
    • Fort Wayne Komets Alternate
    • Kansas City Mavericks Alternate
    • Orlando Solar Bears Alternate
    • South Carolina Stingrays Alternate
    • Worcester Railers Alternate

    • Added Elias Pettersson’s 3D likeness

    Patch 1.55 Notes

    Patch 1.55 is adding in the highly-requested addition of the ability to have a Wins-Based Competitive Season/HUT Champions leaderboard. Also included in Patch 1.55 is the previously mentioned fix for the Network Performance Screen and some gameplay improvements relating to goalies tracking the puck and players behind the net and improved blends from deking into quick shots.

    Please note that while Tuner 1.04 will be bringing in some changes to a player’s speed, acceleration, and agility when backskating with the puck, there were no other changes made to skating.

    Read below to find out everything that is in Patch 1.55.

    Hockey Ultimate Team
    • Added in a new Leaderboard functionality to have HUT Champions and Competitive Seasons scoring also be Wins-based
      • Wins-based Competitions will rank players by the number of Wins, with Round Points used as a tiebreaker.
      • Points-based Competitions will continue to rank users by Round Points.
    • Removed the ability to see the opponent’s team name and information during the loading screen. The screen will show your network connection and the HUT logo now.

    With the addition of Wins-Based leaderboards, we will be able to use them in any HUT Competitive Season mode while still maintaining the functionality of being able to do Points Based events. We wanted to maintain the Points-based competitions functionality as there are certain season structures (i.e. HUT Champions Qualifiers) that make a lot more sense to do in Points-based competitions as opposed to Win-based.

    Additionally, we have removed the ability to see your opponent’s team name and information during the loading screen as we received complaints from a lot of players that opponents would back out against them if they recognized their name, making it harder for them to find a game. You will still be able to see the connection bar as you enter the game.

    • Fixed an issue where the Network Performance Screen was showing a user’s ping rate as half of what it truly was. (e.g. a 20 ping rate showed up on the screen as 10) This was a purely visual fix and will not affect your online experience. It will now show correctly on the screen.

    • Improved how goalies track puck and player motion behind the net
    • Improved how goalies react to wrap around attempts behind the net
    • Improved blends from deking into quick shots to make the timing more realistic
    • Improved motion into backhand toe drag in some contexts
    • Identified and fixed a bug where a player skating backwards with the puck wasn’t properly accepting the “with puck” penalties to speed, acceleration, and agility. Alongside the bug fix, we’ve also done some tuning changes to reduce the impact of what the original values were supposed to be.

    The gameplay changes made will help address some of the key areas we’ve seen complaints about: backskating with the puck, wraparound goals, and “shovel shot”-style goals. These are the only gameplay changes made in Patch 1.55

    For Tuner 1.04, you can view the details here.
  • Ty_Hors
    60 posts EA Staff (retired)
    Patch 1.6 Notes - March 20th, 2019

    Patch 1.6 will remove in-game voice chat from HUT Competitive Seasons/HUT Champions games. This fix is coming in to prevent players from being able to see the opponent's Online ID before puck drop. This should help address issues where players were being backed out on before puck drop.

    In-game voice chat will only be turned off in HUT Competitive Seasons and HUT Champions games. The rest of the modes will remain unchanged.

    Please read below for the full patch 1.6 notes.

    Hockey Ultimate Team
    • We have implemented a change where in-game voice chat will be turned off during HUT Competitive Seasons and HUT Champions.
    • Uniforms

    The following uniforms have been added to NHL 19
    • NHL
      • Philadelphia Flyers Stadium Series
      • Pittsburgh Penguins Stadium Series
      • Tampa Bay Lightning Alternate
      • Toronto Maple Leafs St. Pats Alternate

    New Content in World of CHEL
    • Added the Philadelphia Flyers Stadium Series uniform
    • Added the Pittsburgh Penguins Stadium Series uniform
    • Added the Tampa Bay Lightning Alternate uniform
    • Added the Toronto Maple Leafs St. Pats Alternate uniform
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