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No legends and no proper names to create most of them

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Ok ea so ive been buying your games for decades. Im 49 and still game alot. Being old school i was so excited at potential of having 200 legends to add to teams in play now etc. Created teams or existing ones. But NO you mislead us all. As if that wasnt bad enough. I thought well at least all these alumni guys will have their last names in CAP. But what a joke still no messier. Coffey larionov. Etc. Etc. But yet they are legends in hut and these foolish alumni teams. PLEASE for guys like me that have contributed to your games for decades FIX THIS.

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  • Socair
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    There was an issue identified pre release where the Legend players age was causing problems in Franchise/Season modes. So the ability to move them or use them in those modes was removed temporarily. It’s being worked on and should be patched in.
  • Please change that to will be patched in. Your games with presentation alone are why i keep buying and always will. But i would be beyond grateful to build all time teams with these great players.

    Thank you so much for responding promptly and look forward to a new patch.
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