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To EA Producers..please read.

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Concerning choosing MENU music over goal songs in NHL19..it's not right. I can understand if it was a legal thing but if it's a budget thing? I dont agree with it. We didn't ask for menu music of witch we dont hear in real hockey,MENU music doesn't make the game better,no one wants to hear menu music.we want what we had. We want that something extra when we score with our favourite team..that sound of realism to go with the arena detail.
I dont see why we cant have organ tunes such as NHL 94 once had. I hope this is not a BUDGET excuse but more of a permission to use thing. We expect better from you EA. Dont take away what we the community loved. I hope you do the right thing and patch the songs back in.


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    Didnt know you spoke for the entire community man. Theres a lot of "we" in that post.

    I dont see the songs being patched in. They werent left out because of time constraints or a bug.

    Theres also a thread for this topic already, one in which you already posted in.
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