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West Coast Defensive Veteran

Mature gamer looking for club to play with on a regular (nightly) basis. Live on the west coast and available most evenings from 7pm-11pm PST.

Prefer RD but comfortable either side. Play as a Two-Way Defenseman. Hockey smart. Great at creating offensive opportunities. Solid defensive zone positioning and good at clearing the front of the net. Patient with the puck. Like to cycle and will look for the pass before shooting.

Message me

PSN: LowJacK604


  • Building a team of similar players if you're still looking.

    Psn: Vella
  • Vella31CER wrote: »
    Building a team of similar players if you're still looking.

    Psn: Vella

    Thanks Vella but you're on the East Coast if I'm not mistaken. I'd like to find a club that matches my game time and server if possible, but I appreciate the offer.

  • Hey LowJack,

    Seen your name for a couple years now and would love to have you on our blueline now that you are available. We are a consistently div 1 west coast club since NHL 10 that plays regularly anytime rom 7pm-2am. Send me a msg and hopefully we can get u in on a tryout by tonight. You could be one of the long term main pieces on our rebuilding blueline since some older players have been moved on.

    Psn: phillipthegreat
    Club: Killa Kali

  • Thanks Phil. Saw you message already and responded. Hope to play with you this evening.
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