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EASHL Issues/Shortcomings

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edited September 2018
1. When do the web stats pages go live as the club search is still pointing at NHL 18 clubs.

2. Why do I need to go through so many menu levels to get to Club play for EASHL why isn’t that pinnable?

3. No Action Tracker at the end of the game. Why?

4. A little thing but no longer has the two teams who are playing each other show up just shows the EASHL logo.

5. The colours OMG why can’t they be different for each team like years past. So so annoying.

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  • GramerProfesur
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    edited September 2018
    I’m getting really tired of playing games that don’t count. Won a game in club which didn’t count, said “Finish Game” and gave me no XP or the win. Same thing happened in drop in now, Game was 45 minutes with OT.
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