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My predictions for NHL 19

U will still play with auto backslate on.

U will not use ur dss.

U will use the default camera angle.

U will not be able to stop from skating into your team mates.

If ur a forward, u will not back check.

U will continue to give up the neutral zone.

U will continue to get crushed at the blue line without the slightest attempt at a dump or chip in.

U will not stay in a passing or shooting lane and only attempt drive by auto pokes that lead u in circles and always behind the play.


  • Lol!!!
    And you will come to the forums to cry about how the poke check causes to many penalties:)
  • EA_Cian
    253 posts EA Staff (retired)
    So far this thread isn't the most productive and that in mind I am closing it. If folks have issues, feel free to join or make a thread discussing them, but let's do so in a productive manner and let's not tear down folks talking about the issues, even if we don't agree with 'em.
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