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Can we have an honest conversation about the clothing?

I have bought this game every single year since NHL 2004 with Sakic on the cover. Ever since EASHL was first introduced, it became the absolute ONLY mode I’ve played since. When the new games come out, I’ll spend an hour or two playing around with the new modes but that’s all the love they get from me for the entire year after that.

I know there are guys who specifically only play HUT, or Franchise, or BAP etc. There are groups of us, EA seems to cater to the HUT group in the last few years obviously which is fine, i was ok being left to my own devices playinf EASHL and happy as a clam. But now this year, they’ve decided to railroad my mode and make us wear outdoor clothing while playing on a lifeless pond with no commentary in drop in games. I have a club that me and 2 other of my real life friends have had for years now, but with schedules and what not, we probably play club 3’s with only two of us and an AI most of the time. So when they aren’t on, naturally I like to play Drop Ins.

I’m not going to get in to how frustrating it actually is to get in to drops this year, we all know that. My main complaint now is, if this game didn’t have PK Subban on the screen at the beginning when I press X, it would have absolutely 0.0% semblance of ANYTHING to do with the NHL for me. I go straight to EASHL and get in a drop in and it’s Adidas clothing and lifeless ponds with no commentary. This is a big issue to me because before I could choose any of the 31 NHL teams uniforms, or go to any of the three major junior leagues, or any of the many other leagues in the game and wear their uniform and play in a stadium with commentary. It still felt like an NHL game to me, like my guy I created is in the NHL. Now it feels like when you go to noon hour shinny, there is absolutely nothing in this game that tells me it has anything to do with the National Hockey League anymore. The people who don’t understand why guys like me don’t like the clothing haven’t actually taken these things in to consideration, they should keep the pond and clothing for the arcade modes. I don’t ever remember anyone asking for this to happen...


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