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Any new info regarding drop-in ques?

Still taking waaaay too long to get in a 3v3 and 6v6 lobby that’s actually filled (No Ai)

I have done the whole SKT choice so it throws me wherever and I’m still getting put in lobbies that are 3v3 (6s) and 2v2 (3s)

The time I do get a full 6v6 lobby more than half my team gets disconnected and results in the other team immediately backing out.

So far I’ve spent most my time listening to the sound track watching the searching wheel spin.

So any news or ETA when this will be fixed is appreciated!


  • Whatever they did to "fix" the wait times didn't work!

    Oh, and when it actually finds a match, I never get more than a 3v3 in what is supposed to be a 6 v 6!!!

    I'd rather have a 5 minute wait for 6 players than wait 30 seconds for only 3.
  • Its because a lot of us can not play EASHL because of the dressing room errors
  • jhuracan24
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    edited September 2018
    Something doesn’t add up here
  • I’m starting to believe the “population” is fake. Why is the search 5 minutes for a high population?
  • majjama_26
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    edited September 2018
    So this just happened, I played a 6v6 game that started with myself and the goalie as humans vs the other team which had the same. 4 human players and 8 AI. ??????
  • Havent posted on an EA forum in a decade or more however this version of OLTP in NHL 19 is horrible. I am an older gamer with limited time to play video games- been playing the EA sports games since 1994 or so- and this is by far the worst online experience since dial up connection. It is almost impossible to play online team play, 3-3 or 6-6 in world of chel- usually my timer spins for 5 minutes- says that the population is "normal" or "high" yet I cant get into a game- maybe 10-20% of my 50-75 attempts to find a game this past week have been successful. Yet VS works- and that arcade version of 3-3 works- that money puck game. But the simulation hockey I purchased the game for- the oltp I've play so successfully for many years- is broken. This new system of match making looks good but isnt working. Please fix it. I am a customer- i dont have hours to wait to find a game when 2 weeks ago, when NHL 18 was almost 1 year old. you could still find a game in 30 second- 1 minute- this is bad- how can you release this like this? help EA!!!
  • They just had a gameplay update don’t know what it did tho
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