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Forward Looking to Build Club (Long Read)

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Hello to all that read and show interest! I'm a 24 year old on the East Coast looking to get a competitive club started. I have been playing EASHL since NHL 12 and have had some good clubs but with life progressing, people move on and with that, I am in search to find the next good thing and the ultimate goal is 6's.

So with that, I am looking for players who base their game around possession, passing, and involving all 5 players on the ice. Cycling the puck down low, and integrating the defense is important in this game. All 5 of us (hopefully as we build the team) will need to be comfortable with the puck. Experienced players would be preferred for this club as well. I will not turn away anyone, but if you come with experience playing previous NHL games, that would be ideal. All 5 players should be able to handle themselves in the defensive zone as well. Support the everyone on the ice. Cover the points, center helps out down low.

I want to just touch specifically on finding defensemen. You are the most important pieces of a club. Shutdown defenseman are key to NHL and I value the LD/RD position immensely. I have always said that finding good defenseman is the hardest part of starting a club, and I will die on that hill.

All positions are available at the moment. I play center and RW and a small bit of LW, so I would fill in at whatever position is open. LW is definitely a position I haven't played much so I'd prefer to stay at C/RW, but if the stars aligned and I was able to find good players at those respective positions, I'd be happy to make the transition. Depending on how this post is taken, and how the club progresses, I will update this one as I find players, and such. I added a "depth chart" below, and won't add myself until it's filled in a bit.



You can contact me via on XBL: ItsBrennnnn, PM on here, or email at [email protected] Whatever is easiest for you when reading this message. I check periodically throughout the day on all. I do ask that your message at least contains age and your main position of choice. Any other information you feel is important is always welcomed.

Final Note: I have a temporary club created, so we could join that and run with it, or come together and create something we all like. I'm big on trying to find something that everyone likes. They give you a lot of customization for a reason so if you care about this kind of stuff, I am right there with you. Also it'd be nice to have another person scouring the internet and the game itself so looking for that "left hand man" type situation as well.

Thank you to everyone who read this far, I look forward to getting on the ice with you. For anyone who read, and is not interested, good luck in your search!
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