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Boxscores Missing from Post Game in EASHL

To preface, I play and help manage a successful online hockey league experience in EASHL. While we are still a few weeks away from club challenge being implemented into the game, I'd like to point out that the Boxscore which is accessible during pauses and the intermissions during any EASHL game, is not accessible following the conclusion of the game. Player Summary and other post game screens are available however the traditional boxscore that allows one to see, "All Events", "Goals", and "Penalties" and their subsequent time stamps for when they happened, who assisted on who's goal, whether it was a shorthanded or powerplay goal etc. does not appear as a menu option following the conclusion of the game.

While not really a necessity in regular club games I hope it is implemented for club challenge and seems like it would be simple enough to have in regular club anyway, as the screen is available to look at during the game through pauses and intermissions. This is integral for my league as well as many others to run and track statistics properly.
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