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Drop-In Search Time Fluctuation

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edited September 2018
Logged in after the update today and got into two consecutive 6v6 games after a couple minutes of searching. Average search time displayed on-screen was around 5 minutes.

I'm currently trying to play a third game, but the average search time on-screen has changed to 45 seconds or less. Now I'm getting stuck in lobbies with 3 players per side.

What changed in between searches?

Edit: I should mention that I did actually find a third 6v6 game (before the opposition goalie quit), but we were stuck in the notorious faceoff loop at the game's start. So I quit.


  • Quitting the the game entirely and going back to the Xbox dashboard is a workaround.

    Found a 6v6 game in less than a minute of searching. Average search time on-screen was around 5 minutes again.
  • I cant get into diddly. Tried dashboarding, restarting my modem, drinking a glass of water. No luck.
  • Really frustrating don’t have a ton of time for games and sitting here for 5+ minutes just seems ridiculous.
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