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Major Problem with Use Best Location!! Semi Fix inside!

I’ve had this problem for a long time- Game to game the connection quality will be completely different. The ping shows I’m on the West, but the game will feel like an east coast game.

First club game was hosted by me, near San Jose, 8ms ping and the game felt great (we always use best location). Next game our teammate from Canada hosted. He is much closer to the West than the east, but still somewhat central. The connection was TERRIBLE!! Major input lag! My ping and the rest of my California teaamates ping all showed the same, 8-15ms, as the first game that I hosted. Only the host of the 2nd games ping changed though to reflect the east coast server (he was around 30 the first game, 60 the game when he hosted).

I know what you’re thinking...easy fix, don’t let the other guy host. However, the same problem comes up if the other team is hosting and has a central located player. This has been a big issue for me and a lot of players for the last several years. We are only playing home games from now on, to be sure we have the proper server. Can a dev chime in or bobahiggins (sp?)


  • Sgt_Kelso
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    By hosting, do you mean they're the captain? As far as I know, nobody 'hosts' the game in clubs at least, not sure about drop-ins? Do you know otherwise?
  • Sgt_Kelso wrote: »
    By hosting, do you mean they're the captain? As far as I know, nobody 'hosts' the game in clubs at least, not sure about drop-ins? Do you know otherwise?
    Yes, I meant to say he was Captain of the room
  • Yeah, makes sense I guess. Although I don't know if it makes a difference, whether it's specifically the captain who has the biggest distance to a server, rather than any player(s)? It would be interesting to know.

    But yeah, luckily we in Europe mostly don't have such great distances between players, except maybe Russian vs. Western Europeans.
  • Brought this up years ago....
  • I should elaborate...

    yes that is the case. when our western Canadian hosts, we are on west.

    when any of the other members host, we are east.

    been that way for years.

    we had him host every game just about at one point last year due to the yellow bar / 65 ms bad connections to the east.
  • The game connects to the server closest to the person who is captain so I dont know how it's not working correctly. Most of the team is east but the one guy hosting is west, that's going to happen. I think it shows use best location in the dr and most people assume its whatever setting that you use for the club but it's the captain that searches I'm pretty sure. If you have a west guy playing with the east, someone is going to lag somewhere
  • yeah, the issue really is what OP said... if your team is not the home team it seems like even if you are on "best location" or whatever, you still can be thrown across the continent.
  • xxH3llsp4wNxx
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    They shouldn’t have changed it to use best location. I believe that is when the game started to become almost unplayable 50% of the time for me. I guess it’s possible I played with some different players back then, but for the most part out club has been the same core of people.

    I think it’s people in the central areas (between east and west) that are throwing a major wrench in the connection quality when they host. Many years ago teams searched by the specific server- East, West, Europe. I’d love to find out what year club searches switched to best location. Could be coincidence, but I don’t remeber games being so laggy until around NHL12 or so. I remember having to quit out of LG and VHL because of input lag based off constantly playing on the wrong server
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