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New legend list

Just saw a giant list of legends on the ea Twitter page, when are they going to be abailable? I don’t think ea would advertise 200 legends available and not make them available would they?


  • Of course they wouldn't make them available. they're not going to stop the scam going now when they're trying to sell games
  • It was posted somewhere that the alumni cards would be released in groups periodically.
  • Been wanting to be able to create teams with legends on them, that was understanding. Very disappointed. At least in madden and mlb the show there is a place to download rosters users create. Even on nba 2k you can too. Hope people chirp ea enough and tell them how disappointed people are
  • I think if its not patched in by end of september a group of gamers should some how start a legal petition.
  • They are going to wait till the October patch, that is if they have even found a fix.
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