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Roster Share work around/Merge Roster

Has anyone ever attempted a roster share work around? Does one exist? Meaning, is there a way to create a new roster and share it through a 3rd party gamer tag or something like that? Just curious. I've heard there's a work around on PS4. I'm on Xbox.

Also, if I create some NCAA/USNTDP prospects right now that won't be in the NHL this year will they still be where I put them after the opening night roster update comes out? Or is that what merge roster is for? I don't want to create players now if the next roster update renders the older created players useless/inaccessible.
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  • You can merge the new roster with your custom roster.

    One bit I like to rant about is the inability to port over previously created teams and players from the previous NHL game. It’s time consuming.

    Maybe one day we might see roster sharing, but I don’t see the ability to share a roster / team / or player with another gamertag
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