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NHL 20 Patch Details April 3rd

Check out our April 3rd patch details here.

Cross-platform may save lobbies

Xbox and PlayStation don’t get along, but if a game like Rocket League survives this long after launch? There’s only one answer. Cross-Platform Multiplayer.

Even if EA NHL starts with just a shared HUT market. Xbox players can buy or trade from PlayStation players and vise versa. instantly, that hit market grows because your combining two markets into one.

But make the big jump to cross-platform multiplayer, then I don’t think you’ll ever have to wait for a game.

Let me know your thoughts, should ea nhl implement cross-platform multiplayer or even just a shared HUT market?


  • You can say this for just about every game with a smaller player base.

    If the biggest games in the industry can't get Sony and Microsoft to go cross platform, it'll never happen for anything.

    Hate to be Mr. Negative but it's a pipe dream. But we can daydream about it for the sake of discussion.
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