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NHL 20 CHEL NOTES - Deep dive

Follow Gurn Sumal, game modes producer for NHL 20 on his deep dive, check it out & discuss it here.

Everything is awful

I'm not a writer so instead i will just list all the issues that make this game awful
1. DRESSING ROOM ERROR- Still happens nonstop
2. Finding games in the new drop in is awful. The rooms never fill and people always leave
3. The steps you have to take just to get put into a drop in game is ridiculous. Add in the fact that you need to repeat these steps 20xs before you find a game???
4. The tacky outdoor crap and non jerseys. yuck.

The saddest part is once you actually get into a game its a big improvement from last year imo. But all these other issues make this game close to unbearable


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