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SUGGESTION: NHL 19 Media Discussion?

I've suggested this in the past, and I guess no one got around to it so I'm going to suggest it again this year: would it be possible to have a forum or a section of a forum to discuss NHL 19 media?

This would include Twitch, Youtube and Mixer channels. It would include tutorials, replays, franchise stories, etc.

With the huge surge in people streaming their gaming experience, it would be great if the NHL forums got with the times and had a place for people to share their content with others who enjoy the game.


  • I would be down. Plus we could use an outlet for people to share GOOD things surrounding this game. Replays, montages, highlight reels etc.

    Too many of these threads around here are about the same 3/4 problems with people looking for an echo chamber in the comments. Not that it shouldn't be complained about, but there's still plenty of Good in this game that we could be sharing as well.
  • Well, that's the nature of a discussion board like this one. You'll rarely see a discussion board where everyone comes to just praise whatever it is they're discussing about. LOL!

    On the flip side, I think having a sub-forum where people CAN post GOOD things about the game, like videos of tutorials, game replays or even streaming channels in support of NHL would give us a place where you don't necessarily have to deal with JUST the bad all the time.
  • I remember EA use to do a top 10 list for the week. Everyone could submit their best goals or hits. Although, most of the replays seemed like they occurred from a glitch/exploit... Anyways, I wouldn't mind seeing something like this again. I have a feeling we would have to do it as fans though.
  • EA_Roger
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    edited September 2018

    Thanks for the suggestion, we can make various announced mega-threads here too if need me. Top 10 goals or various tutorials for instance, let me know what you think.
  • YAY! This is great! Thanks, Roger. You da man!
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