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PING Issues

So internet connections are never a cause of concern. I have wired connection with an average ping around 26 MS and my ports are open. However, every 5th game or so, my ping fluctuates from that 26 MS to 500 MS and the game just becomes unbearable to play.

I'm assuming this is on both ends as I don't have to "catch up" or get that fast animation fast forward that I use to in previous iterations of the game. Every other game I play is smooth and flawless, but like clockwork, that 5th game just jumps like crazy. It happens whether I'm home or away.

I first assumed that it was my opponent up to some kind of shenanigans, but I just beat a guy 10-1. So I'm guessing he was having the same issues.

Anyone else noticing these connection issues? This is VS by the way....that's why I can get into a game...
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