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WTH do I gotta do to get a Breakaway goal i enter the zone shoot and score before any opposing player even crosses the blue line thats a breakaway goal in my books but cant get credit for one i score 1 on 0 no breakaway 2 on 0 no breakaway i dont get it an i dont see a breakaway stat to check to see what might or not have counted as a breakaway or not i mean its a challenge on rookie it shouldnt be that difficult


  • What? Breakaways aren't automatic? That's not fair!
  • TTZ_Dipsy
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    There needs to be an obvious gap between you and the defenders at their blue line for it to count, about 5-10 feet. Could also have something to do with your top speed when they have to turn back, who knows? It's EA afterall
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  • I gave up on it i replayed that game like 8 times had countless breaks but i never get credit for it i actually did Finnish one of the breakaway challenges after on a pro difficulty games with mcdavid i only had like half a step on the defender but got credit for it but on rookie when i clearly have 4-5 strides on the defender it just wont give me credit
  • What? Breakaways aren't automatic? That's not fair!

    Did you even read what he wrote? He’s saying he’s getting breakaways, scoring a goal, and not getting credit for the breakaway in the stats making it difficult to complete the “score on a breakaway” challenges. It was an issue last year....
  • The problem is that backhand is not working on breakaway as it did last year.
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