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Goalie save/shot glitch or animation

Not sure if bad animation or glitch for save here. I can include video as well.
Goalie has skate in front of post and even with it when shot is taken, then it goes right between goalie and post due to this animation which takes the goalie back into the net.
I can provide video if needed as well.




  • Can you post the video cause not sure what the goalie was doing before. It looks like he wasnt hugging the post the tried to make a blocker save so not sure what you are talking about.
  • Was positioned exactly as seen, don't have video sorry. Shot was taken right after the picture of the player, in that same spot. No post hug done.
    I don't think a post hug would be good in this situation. Plus, as you can see goalie is fully outside of the post, so the save shouldn't put him back in the net like that.
  • Deleted the video already, know I said I had the video but figured since no response I didn't need it, stupid me
  • Ive seen more people post about this recently it is really odd. Hopefully there are enough people to mention it so it gets fixed!
  • This is still going on. Legs and arms going through net and bars on saves and the other day a guy's stick went through the side of the net pushing the puck in.
    Today a defenseman had his stick go through an attackers stick (letting the attacker keep the puck, then the attackers stick and the puck went right through the same D's skates!

    Getting a little old and frustrating
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