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Settings get changed back to default every time I open a bag or edit a loadout

Really irritating. Anyone else’s seeing this and/or have a workaround?


  • I notice the Auto backskate and the camera views change often. Have not noticed if its after changing a loadout or opening a bag. Its really annoying once I start a drop in game to pause it and change camera and backskate.
  • The only time it has happened to me is if I play the proam mode.
  • Like sinisterdisciple said, it happens to me every time I enter and leave the pro-am mode. It completely resets my online settings including camera angle, on ice trainer, auto backskate, and pass assist. It would be nice if this got fixed
  • Yeah, I've had this happen to me a fair amount. I think it was occuring when I'd leave a club and join another one. If I stayed on the same club it would be fine.
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