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Matchmaking is awful

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edited September 2018
How am I supposed to get to Div 1 in HUT when the servers suck so much? Doesn't matter if I'm home or away, wired or wireless connection, and the ping indicator flat out lies (tested the hell out of this).

I have a fibre optic connection and the game still stutters like I'm playing from the heart of an African Jungle against a guy from China. Anyone know what the official reason is for why HUT matchmaking is even worse than "chel"?

I fully admit I'm not the best player but I can definitely hold my own out there (I mean cmon, it's the same crosses and snipes alllll the time from the "pros"), when I'm not travelling through space and time, eating away precious half seconds at a time.


  • What servers? HUT is P2P.
  • HUT may be p2p problem is and the reason I sold the game allready in UK it's matching me with Eastern Europe 9/10 making lag fests.


    Contacted EA, all they wanted me to do is the UO trace which solves nothing as nothing is wrong with my connection.
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