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How did broken "Drop In/Matchmaking" make it into game?

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edited September 2018
Simple question for EA.

All I keep seeing is that it's their top issue right now that they are looking at. Matchmaking is atrocious. Would love for the Developer give a plausible reason because as consumers all it looks like to us is you either :

1) didn't test the game or
2) you released the game knowing it was broken


  • This is still beta testing. Product won’t be finished til NhL 20
  • the whole game is full of this nonsense. people cannot even play it. so sad they robbed us of our 80 bucks here in canada. biggest joke since nhl 15
  • Especially seeing this was a widely reported issue in the beta.
  • They said they had to rework all that stuff for the World of Chel. The game is released yearly probably with a set time frame due to contract. They probably deemed it OK enough til it gets fixed a month or 2 later.
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