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Holding On Packs?

Was wondering can we hold onto our packs. Since the market now, don't wanna open the packs I get. From every week but do I have to open them to get the other set of packs?


  • I dont believe so last year I was busy for a few weeks and when I logged back on I had 2 er 3 weeks of packs to open i believe you still get then so deffinatly a good idea to wait until some better cards are out!
  • Last year EA gave a warning by letting us know not to stack them, because they will expire.
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  • Maybe it's a certain amount or maybe I was getting packs for something else than because I was able to log in and collect a few weeks of packs after not being on for a couple weeks
  • If you don’t collect your free packs before the next set of packs you will lose them.
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    Ahh. So I must of missed out on my 2nd week of packs, thanks for the heads up.

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