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Latest Update: WoC Drop-in Matchmaking and Dressing Room Errors


  • Moxrox84 wrote: »
    I just spent an hour trying to get a game. The only 6's that almost happened resulted in DRE. Almost had a 5 but everyone on the opposing team, literally everyone, dropped out before the puck dropped.

    Also...every single failed search would then require me to kill the game to search again.


    I don't know how EA gets away with not patching game breaking bugs as quickly as possible. Any other game company would have been destroyed by now. At this point, it's not even a matter of pride for them anymore.
  • So basically were looking at a nov/dec till drops is at 100% again... just like last year with the looping that didnt get fixed till dec

    This aged extremely well.
  • I actually laughed when he wrote that because at the time they said they were onto a fix for it, and with it being so critical to that mode, you'd think they would have pooled so many resources into it. Yet, here we are. I have to play in groups of 6s with my buddies, who are never on anymore because the mode is broken, in order to have a chance to play it. I've amassed maybe 10 total 6v6 games this year. It's my favourite mode. Out of those 10, maybe 6 of them have completed 6v6. I shouldn't have to join LG to play my favourite mode.
  • inthecrease31
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    edited November 2018
    @NHL_ONL_Producer Any update on the cancel search freeze issue?
  • i would like to report that i have had higher success getting into games for the last two or three weeks. i still get the error pretty often but it no longer seems to have much correlation with my previous solution of closing the app after every game. i have been able to get into multiple games in a row more often lately but it still frustrating.

    one thing i've found strange is that when playing with my group i am the only one to get the DR error. If someone doesn't make it in to the game, 90% of the time it is me. this is odd because we often play in the same house on the same connection. so the only difference is our ps4? mine is probably an older model because i had mine before the others.
  • Sgt_Kelso
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    edited November 2018
    Ok, last night was weird one: we dont' get the DRE error normally, but last night in our club we all got one (5 players that time) at the same time before we even saw our opponent in the dressing room. Got booted to the main menu.

    And when we got to the next game, it worked otherwise ok, but most of us couldn't see our player names above the stamina bar, and we all had our player number as 19, regardless what it normally is, but our team mates saw the numbers of the other team mates correctly. So I saw my player as 19 (normal is 56), but others correctly. Then a team mate saw his own player as 19, but others correctly etc. Some sort of synch issue?
  • It is now Nov 22 2018 and I (XxDVOWRxX) cannot be the only user that cannot seem to reliably get into a club 6v6 game without STILL getting a a dressing room error where I'm kicked. How have you guys not found the problem yet? Why is it just me and no one else in my club? Can someone, I mean anyone post something of an update? I have asked nicely on EA Sports facebook chat etc...I have emailed. The last post here is in September....have you guys just shut out any more posts on this? I know Im not the only one suffering through this...Im a paying customer is NOT satisfied!!
  • Mattius14
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    edited November 2018
    Four dressing room errors in a row. November 22nd.

    For those keeping track at home, launch day was September 14th. Beta ended August 2nd.

    *edit* six in a row
  • yes this problem has been well known since beta 4 months ago and is in exactly the same state. Actually some things are worse.
  • Cannot get a single game going in any EASHL mode tonight. Dressing Room Error every single time.

    Have no problem getting into matches of Fortnite, Call of Duty, Fallout 76, Destiny, Rocket League, The Golf Club, etc.
  • zingaa1
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    edited November 2018
    Got three DRE tonight on XBOX. Correction four now, pretty awesome
  • TheMajjam
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    edited November 2018
    Tonight. Just got on with my team. Had one loop drop, then had a DRE error, and right after that our game froze.
  • I don't believe for a second that a fix is in the works.
  • Drop ins really are really broken and it can take more than an hour to find one decent game. Dressing room errors needs to be fixed too ofc. I think the whole lobby system needs to be redone. The way I would like it to be done is this:

    -main lobbies based on region and list of players in them
    -ablity to chat in the main lobby (a good way to let everyone know that you are going to host a game and to scout people for your club)
    -ability to host a game and choose how much time there is for players to join it
    -When someone would set up a game people could join it and choose either side. Before joining it should be possible to see who are already in the room)

    I think this would be a very good way for meeting new players and to connect with the community. I remember old gen NHL had this kind of option and it was great. I played old gen NHL 15 when NHL 17 was already out and even then when community was small it was easy to find good 6vs6 games.
  • I am constantly getting dre in eashl. 4 times in a row at least every time..
  • Had multiple cancel search freezes and three DRE in a row with friends. Xbox. 3's. Sigh.. what's new.
  • Hotjoint
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    edited November 2018
    We have 1 member of my team that always gets the dre's. Looks like he's not the only person by the looks of it from this thread..seriously ea, you knew about this error since the beta and still haven't fixed it yet. How is this acceptable?

    Really wish games had to be approved by someone other than the publisher before they were released to the public..this way companies would actually be held accountable if they couldn't release on time and there would sufficient resources in all areas..this is embarrassing but just another day for ea and the nhl team....
  • figs72
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    Well, that's it for me. I will never purchase a game from EA ever again. I spent $100 to look at a dressing room error. Thanks EA, you rock!!
  • Had two DRE's this morning, one game freeze and cancel search freeze just about every time. Had to go play BO4.
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