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Centre looking for western club

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What I bring:

- Great at faceoffs.
- Two-way mindset.
- Can drive the play and create space for team mates.
- Good at carrying the puck into the zone if a headman play is not available.
- Good awareness and I can cover for pinching D (provided the play warrants a pinch)
- More of a playmaker than a sniper.
- I only play 6's mode and not 3's.
- Available from 7 PM PST to late night on weekdays. Flexible schedule on weekends.

What I am looking for:

- Western team. This is a must as I do not want to be matched on east servers and put up with lag.
- Puck moving team that supports the puck carrier.
- Good players that know how to play their positions and can hold their own. There shouldn't be any weak links on the team.
- Mature players that are competitive, but don't take the game too seriously and can take a loss. Winning is good, but fun has to come first. I have played on top clubs in the past and it was not fun due to players taking the game too seriously.

If you think I may be a good fit for your club, please let me know in here or on PSN.

PSN ID: BassMan_
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