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200 legends

Am i the only one who thinks that with “ 200 legends in the game”, i would love to see all decade teams, al, time 60’s,70’s,80’s,90’s,2000’s? Why not have rosters with the legends on their original teams? The possibilities are endless, such a disappointment we can’t move them to teams we would like to use. Why not make it available to let people who don’t play on line?

Why hasn’t anyone from addressed the issue? Game has been out for a month and have t heard a peep, very unprofessional in my opinion.


  • Sigge8799
    6 posts Member
    edited September 2018
    Totally agree! And its stupid having Ty Conklin and a lot of other backup goalies and not having Brodeur and Hasek in the game.

    They are bragging about 200 legends and we cant even use them...
  • They dont care...
  • Cause there cheap and they want people to pay for packs. Hey ea, maybe if you let them be available for offline, you guys would have more customers. Keep showing pictures on Twitter of the legends in there uniforms. Great job! Lol
  • jatt96306
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    edited September 2018
    Out of all the issues, this one ticks me off the most.

    Blatant false advertising. It's borderline fraudulent.
  • Been plating chel off line, they legends part there is pretty good. Gretzky Kurri Lowe fuhr, hull Oates pronger kujo, etc

    Why can't they be on oilers,blues rosters off line.? That's what i was expecting when i got the the game. I refuse to give the any more money, or at least they should say, 200 legends available but you have to purchase packs for a chance to get them.

    Should be a way for ea to address the people who bought this, too bad 2k can't get into making games again. Would be nice to have a alternative to this crap year in and year out.
  • Isn't there another place to bring this for issue to? Gary bettman lol. Maybe sports talk radio, nhl network, ESPN if they talked about hockey anymore? Enough if enough time for ea to take some heat.

    Maybe fill out comment section on GameStop, bestbuy,Amazon etc. any place that allows people to give a review? Maybe that is the route to go...

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