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Western NA Looking For Players - DIV 2 - Las Vegas Sinners Home of 70yr old Player!

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https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Las Vegas Sinners

You heard right. My dad who is 70 years old Vietnam Vet is a hardcore EASHler with a Rammer Shoutout

He is currently Lvl 50 and im around P1:15. Team is DIV 2 on its way to DIV 1. If you are not ok with random flubs, we are not for you. We love to play and have fun.. but we love winning.. however his age catches up sometimes.

Passing is key and team play is paramount, however if you need to take the puck and score for the team just say it, but not the entire game and were up by 5 ya know.

PSN VampOfVegas


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