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Came across this on Reddit - cant say I disagree with any of it

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So what if NHL 19 was released broken/unfinished, at least EA is consistent with their releases. Untested and sold at full price is better than nothing right? Just be grateful, jeez.

So what if the online connection is still inconsistent, maybe you should get better internet, unplug your microwave five times, and do a lap around your house before turning your console on, stupid idiots, even though this is the only game that might give you connection issues, it’s not the game it’s your stupid high speed internet with a wired connection that can run everything but this game, idiots.

So what if EA is selling a HUT pack worth more than the game itself, you get a legend card that will be outskated by zdeno chara who has been on the ice for five minutes, git gud

So what if your team clearly is being dumbed down by the programming, everyone should be able to enjoy HUT even if they suck and don’t try to improve, in fact these devs should be praised and given awards for their mediocrity come on guys stop hating.

So what if IP booters are facilitated by EA, maybe you should stop being a sore loser and just take the L. They beat you fair and square.

So what if you quadruple your opponents shots and time on attack, real NHL games turn out this way too although rare usually because a goalie will become quite fatigued after his 15th demon save in one period, whatever, you just need to take even MORE quality shots, even though your opponents defence is crap and are doing their brick wall goalie no favours.

Guys, these devs poured their blood, sweat and tears into this game so they could deliver a product slightly better than NHL 18 which was truly the worst sports game ever.

So what if the menus are still laggy, glitchy, sluggish and tedious, maybe you should do more thumb exercises so you can handle pressing the X button 20 times just to sell a card in HUT

SO WHAT, if EASHL matchmaking is broken, maybe you should just open those hockey bags and try for a HUT pack and then go into HUT and open that pack and build a team so you can experience the sweet hidden momentum engine that we know EA has implemented before but apparently did not add to this game eyes rolling

So what if your AI Dmen scores on their own goalie, it happens in the real NHL like twice a year so naturally it would occur every third game in NHL 19. Get real, it’s normal.

So what if EA presented a sweet product in the beta and then a week after launch implemented a tuner that ruined game play and brought the poke crutch back, scrubs need to win too even if it is undeserved.

So what if even after winning you rarely feel rewarded, you have to pay extra for the pride and accomplishment feeling.

So what if there is absolutely zero community reassurance on EA’s part, don’t you know that they need to post irrelevant information on twitter rather than an apology for being incompetent?

People need to just chill out and enjoy this half finished product.

So what if the actual goal songs don’t play in online VS, we have hooligans in the audience now who make funny poses when their team scores.

So what if pucks still pass through players like they are Casper the effin ghost, after all it is physically possible to fire an object through another object...I mean... with enough velocity... and uh... not a rubber puck through god damn goalie pads...

Feel free to add to this list I’m sure I missed something...

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