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NHL 19 PATCH 1.2.0 - (Expected Availability - October 4th)


  • How about you guys fix the dumb glitched out CR!!!! You guys get paid way too much and you can't even fix the most simple things!!! Get your crap together EA!!!
  • I think this is not said enough, the CPU is taking no penalties, I played 100+ games so far against the CPU, and i had 0 power play. Z-E-R-O. Draft Champions / Challenges / TOTW. How are we supposed to finish the challenge to score a PP goal when the opponent NEVER takes a penalty, if worst than that, if you're unlucky and miss the net or hit the post, how many retry are we suppose to do in order to get another one?
    Against the superstar AI in Draft Champions I was tripped from behind and lost the puck, no penalty, no penalty shot. I lost that special card at the end for 4 wins in a row. /slow clap
  • SkillaOil
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    edited October 2018
    Drop in works, dressin room errors still occur but find after a drop in im good for 1 season game than i get dressin room error but if i do a drop in again i can get another 1 season game. Its a vicious circle still but better.
    I also think that the drop in mode would be sweet if pond was gone and each player wore there team jersey to represent like the all star game and if someone isn't in a team have a plane ea jersey and it would be easier to pick up team memebers.
  • Kalg5
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    edited October 2018
    This update hasn’t addressed the dreaded dressing room error I’m sure everybody is still getting when you try to join a game. I just want to play with my friends and you had the audacity to sell this game at full price knowing it was nowhere near functioning to last years game. Why release this game at all if you have so many issues in the offline modes and A.I let alone the online modes. I understand tweeking performance after release, but this is game breaking stuff that could have been dealt with in pre release or within the first week of purchase.

    We support your releases every year and every year you seem to put less and less effort into your product, knowing you will have reliable fans of the sport to come back again and again. So since you don’t have to try anymore, it doesn’t matter to you how much you disappoint your customers. You don’t seem to bother to compensate us for our loyalty to you. You guys are not “In the game”, EA.
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  • servers servers servers...once again impossible to play 6s as a westerner...the beta the game played great no matter what server i was placed on but now its crap again
  • You know what would REALLY be great? If you could allow us to make custom jerseys for existing teams. Like what Madden does.
  • xXvalkenXx wrote: »
    Can’t believe you guys ruined the skating your whole thing this year was how the skating has improved this is false advertisement at its finest

    the skating is perfect in this nhl.. the easy breakaway goal is fixed in this nhl.. and the player skate generally better.. i disagree skating is better than nhl 18 and other.
  • Swoops--73
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    edited October 2018
    Swoops--73 wrote: »
    I don’t see how the auction house or sets changed anything in the game for the better.

    They wanted the Auction House to be on Superstar difficulty

    Yea I pump a lot into the game each year ea knows this. I’m not dealing with this. I’m dumping everything here In a few minutes.
  • Swoops--73
    626 posts Member
    edited October 2018
    Everything I own going up 50 sp in a few minutes
  • HS182
    51 posts Member
    In my opinion this patch debases the game further. Auction sreens used to be clear and fully structured (even for People who use a small Screen like me (32")). Now I have to scroll down to see the bottom cards.

    I am still missing the possibilty to search a player by using his name and/or just by using skill levels...
  • This update is crap. The auction house is killed. Applying card to sets is worse now. Please change back
  • Auction house is totally broken, which will ruin the whole economy of the game. It was almost half of the fun to try to find great players with little money, now that's impossible. Please fix the search quickly, now it is possible to see only 14 cards and I can't find a way to scroll the screen. That means that there is no sense to pick any other time frame for selling than 1 hour, and all the players are trying to make buys from the same 14 cards screen. Horrible update with the auctions...
  • tarrin8
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    edited October 2018
    Cant multi select when sending cards to set , action house is worse , why change the controls in hut it was good yesterday and garbage today
  • The new skating feels really bad. It makes the gameplay way too slow. I feel like it was perfect beforehand. Speaking from an EASHL perspective. High level gameplay has been severly slowed down. Please revert the skating.
  • Why is there not the golden helmet for the best scorer on the team in finnish liiga in season mode when it has been for the past few years?
    Also add the new red bull helmet for liiga aswell
  • After this patch, the 1st goalie mask of the Carolina Hurricanes DISAPPEAR ! he becomes all black....
  • First, thanks EA for the patch release. However....

    - Edit player in seasons = not fixed :'(
    - broken Champions Hockey League game schedule = not fixed :'(
    - Austria Jersey font and number colour error = not fixed :'(

    All my (constructive) inputs were not considered (so far). I can understand that other fixes are more important and therefore have more attention and priority. But anyway I hope EA cares about these small bug fixes as well. So, let's wait for the next patch. Thanks EA ;)
  • Online Versus position lock, I only use this when the other team has 2 or more users.
    Will that still be possible?
    For HUT would it be possible to have it that you can use your teams in Play Now mode. So that 2 users on same console could play their HUT teams against each other. Not for HUT points but for fun. Download friends team for use in only Play Now.
  • This update is crap. The auction house is killed. Applying card to sets is worse now. Please change back

    I agree, Selecting multiple Cards and then send them to a Set was a great new Feature in NHL19, why is this patched out ?????

  • Hello guys, could anyone explain why position lock is not available in HUT ? I was using this feature in NHL18 HUT all the time. Many thanks.
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