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NHL 19 PATCH 1.2.0 - (Expected Availability - October 4th)


  • Masontcarr
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    Maybe Add These Jerseys In The Next Update For NHL 19 EA.
    Calgary Flames New Alternate Jersey
    Carolina Hurricanes Whalers Alternate Jersey
    Colorado Avalanche New Alternate Jersey
    Columbus Blue Jackets New Alternate Jersey
    Edmonton Oilers New Alternate Jersey
    New York Islanders New Alternate Jersey
    Pittsburgh Penguins New Alternate Jersey
    San Jose Sharks New Alternate Jersey
    Washington Capitals New Alternate Jersey
    Winnipeg Jets New Alternate Jersey.
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  • Are they not going to add the missing goal songs that were in NHL 18?
  • So you post a video about poke checking and how it's not everything to defense which is fine but why are we not addressing the fact that players can literally skate with the puck in the boards and nearly cant lose it at all. Like are you kidding me. If they skate into the board with the puck they need to lose it on the board and possibly jam themselves up. Its unrealistic and causes the most boring possession of puck. "Skating into the boards shouldn't be the only thing to offensive possession."
  • How about putting in legends in roster moves? MLB the show has figured this out and I read that they are working toward this in a patch? When, by the beginning of nhl 20? This should have been before day of launch. Come on guys get it together and put them in already and put in mike richter, Scott Stevens, and other legends. We wanted to put legends on our favorite teams like before in nhl 12, 13, and 14. LETS GO!!!!!!!!
  • As a matter of fact and this is a fact to give us these legends before the end of the month, next month or before Christmas. If it is advertised to have players ovaeralls in offline with their designated team jerseys on them then you guys have to give what was promised. Has anyone on this forum noticed that? I don't even play HUT but I have noticed on many YouTube clips with Gretzky in HUT that he has a 99 overall and when it is on the advertisement with his oilers uniform on he is 94 with the rest of the top 10 guys they all have their offline overalls. Give us what you said you would allow us to do with the legends, stop being vague and tell us straight up what's going on. Teasing us as fans is not funny. Put the legends in roster moves.
  • 82Rules
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    Guys, EASHL drop-ins were my favorite mode in any videogame.
    What you've done to it is a joke. How do people play a contact sport like Hockey with pom-pom hats on?
    Concussion city. When i buy a pom-pom hat in real life, i cut that pom-pom off. It is so cheesy. The cabin scenes are cut down, but why do i need to see it?
    Bring back the dressing room and jerseys. I DONT WANT TO JOIN A CLUB to be able to pick jerseys. I WORK. I would have to synch up schedules. There was a beauty to randoms in drop-ins that you ruined. I cannot put into words or even kind words to explain how angry i am about this. I went 5 whole days w/o playing. No announcer? Wow. What were you guys thinking?
    You guys could screw up a 1 car funeral.
    I never heard of CHEL until this year and i've been a Hockey fan since 1977. Is that supposed to sound cool? Well, let me tell you that it doesn't.
    If you made Baseball games again, would you put in 'world of ellbee?' since it's a play on MLB.
    Give us a damn break. I play real Hockey and NEVER played in a hoodie and Cooperalls w/o the padding.
    'Show off your style.' Wut? is this fashion avenue in NYC? How about me show you my shoe that i want to throw at you?

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  • gtpursuit
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    The skating sucks ever since this last tuner, feels as crappy as last year. Was great before last week. Now turning feels like a slug. Don’t know if I will be able to keep playing it after all these years. Last years was the worst now seems like they going back to it. Also hate seeing my stick going through other players, just so they can skate by and score.
  • You guys need to do something with your charging/boardings and goalies tripping skaters. It it stupid how you go for the puck that is not in front of the net and the goalie trips you and doesnt get a penalty and tjere is too many boarding and charging in 3s that never gets called
  • Why would you change the fast paced skating in the game where you said the skating system is fresh and new. You made it seem and feel more like 18, which everybody absolutely hated. Moving the wrong direction ea. Go back to how it was.
  • nallennallen
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    Please revert back to the skating like it was in the initial release of the game. Skating now feels slow and sluggish. Player puck pickups are also way worse now then before the patch. Thanks for listening.

    Other things:

    I would like to see my team members 3D models in the dressing room.

    In EASHL make it easier to start a game. Now you have to press Ready too many times.

    Can you guys please add the ability to freeskate/practice and play ones against your buddies? Would be so fun to have 4 buddies playing ones incl goalie.
  • Shura048
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    After this patch, the 1st goalie mask of the Carolina Hurricanes DISAPPEAR ! he becomes all black....

    In french language , synergie logo missing ...
  • Replay dont work in franchise.
  • I was so happy with the game before the patch. It was the most fun I had with nhl since the new generation of consoles. Now, In certain modes more than other, like hut and online versus, the skating feels bad. It's sluggish, not responsive, too slow, and nullify your great new skating engine. The best thing about nhl 19 was the new skating engine, the thight turns, the quick stops, the agility, the good pivoting and the good acceleration and speed. I felt in total control of my skater. Now, not so much. The skating in the game was great before the patch, please go back to the way it was before. You have a great new skating engine, maximize it's performance, don't nerf it down. Thanks.
  • #FixRelocationCrashOnFranchise
  • When you create an expansion team, and begin franchise mode, the contracts for players are all messed up by one year. This past offseason, players like Panarin, Duchene, Simmonds, etc. should not be UFA, completely ruins the feeling of a realistic franchise expansion.
  • Does anyone know when the next patch is scheduled? I want to play with the legends in season mode and in franchise mode. Gretzky, messier, Blake, leetch, Lemieux, Lindsey, probert, domi, and 2 others who aren't on this list, Scott Stevens and mike richter. These are only a number of names who should be put in player movement in roster management. I don't know about the rest of you guys but I've read other forums. They much like me want these 200 plus legends in offline so they can put them on their favorite team. The emphasis on these legends was that we could put them on our favorite teams other than HUT. I don't play HUT so this made me extremely happy.

    If you put only 85 legends, and I counted them altogether, in one offline mode which is play now and don't have them in by the first patch, then it's confusing, it's losses it's the emphasis, it teases us, and it gives us some false hope that there will be a chance we can get creative with our favorite teams.

    Get these legends in roster management. If the guys from MLB the show can figure it out then it shouldn't be very hard to figure out. They've been doing it for years. I'd like to put my favorite legends on my team.

    Let's go!!!
  • Also I mentioned this in another forum.

    To any big time fans of SLAP SHOT, wouldn't anyone like to see the Hansons in next years game? I would. Who wouldn't want Jack, Jeff and Steve?
  • Please Please put the auction house back to the way it was it was much easier and out the set where you could put more then one thing in at a time it was much better the old way.And can you please do something with draft champions so we know what difficulty it is on
  • Stupid that you cannot choose exact for player match if you are playing with another player. My cousin and I are getting matched up vs 1 player way too much.
  • I don’t play hut either, I don’t play on line. My expectations was 200 legends being available off line and players being able to put them on any team they choose, what a disappointment. Why doesn’t some one from ea address this? Classy people they are....
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