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NHL 19 PATCH 1.2.0 - (Expected Availability - October 4th)



  • On the topic of classics, how about some old gear, the old ccm helmets that everyone wore in the 80s and 90s, the option of not wearing helmets at all, the old winwell helmets that mark messier wore, the smaller pads that goalies wore in the 80s and 90s as well as the goalie playing style. Also on the topic of goalies Dominick Hassek was a name I left out. Having the specific styles of goalies of that era would be realistic to the legends. Old skates from the 70s and old masks, old sticks, old gloves, old everything with all of the past logos, and past looks. Also, is anyone sick of the dark jerseys at home? How about in settings we have the option of playing with white at home instead of the hassle of changing the jersey colors around from scratch. Make it an option in the rules. I'd like the option of seeing different colors of the away team instead of always white away and dark at home. Aren't these neat ideas. EA please consider all of these ideas I have. I think there would be some insite if you did.
  • Another thing I've noticed with the fighting engine. Love it by the way but I've notice since nhl 14 since it started. Sometimes I'll have a fight with an opposing player from the team I'm facing and the fight will go off camera. Now when there's a fight in an actual game in real life that they'll have a camera that zooms up on the fight and will focus on it. Is there a way to fix the camera so we can see the fight without changing the fighting engine? If there is please do so.
  • Also how about college teams and the khl
  • EA please take into account not just the legends which we are all waiting for but all of the ideas that I have suggested.
  • Putting in single A teams will make these hockey games more interesting. I only wish the Danbury whalers and titans were still around. But there are always teams expanding and folding or moving.
  • Doesn't that sound interesting? Having the fhl(not to be confused with the league from slapshot) with the 6,7, or 8 teams or the sphl which is 10 teams? Both leagues that are below the echl? With actual local rink layouts with about 500 or 5000 fans or so in the arena? Do some research on that. In MLB 2K8 they had class A teams as part of the major league organization.

    Or put in the slapshot teams. And like the legends which should be available to us in roster moves, be able to put players like the Hanson brothers on our favorite teams.
  • Also on the topic of legends we are still anxious to find out if the next patch will contain the legends in which we were told we're going to be on this game. And also if there will be anymore additional legends added to the current list that have been left out. Some key guys at missing. Including bobby Orr, rocket richard, ken Dryden, Scott Stevens, mike richter, Dave Schultz, Phil Esposito, Gordie Howe, Alex Delvecchio, Rod Gilbert, Steve Yzerman, Brendan Shanahan, Tom Barrasso. Just another handful of names. Let us know what's going on. We paid good money for this game and we want to play with these legends on the list as well as the names I've just mentioned here in offline modes like franchise and season.
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    Fedorov, Hasek, freaking GORDIE HOWE? But they have Beukeboom lol. What is EA doing?
  • When is the next patch expected to be?
  • What date is the patch for November does anyone know? I'd like to finally spread out the legends as well as the additional ones I suggested on all 31 teams so it looks interesting in franchise. I'd also like to see my other ideas considered.
  • Had just gotten the new update 1.31. No legends available for offline roster and player moves. Not cool. We have been wanting to play with legends with today's roster of players as it was advertised. Where are they? It's not nice to tease us like this, it's not cool and it's not fair. We paid a lot of money to be able to be able to put legends on our favorite teams. How do you advertise Wayne Gretzky holding the Stanley cup and say that we would be able to play with them in modes other than ultimate team if they aren't even available day of launch? Makes no sense at all. Not right, not cool and not fair. Please put the legends in as we have been told we were able to play with them.
  • Fedorov, Hasek, freaking GORDIE HOWE? But they have Beukeboom lol. What is EA doing?

    Beukeboom was a reliable player. He's actually good. And he's won the cup more than once.
  • Dressing room error every. Game.

    Refund. Disband.
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