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(Eashl)Patch makes defense unplayable. Pass interceptions and puck pickups

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edited October 2018
I play defense in EASHL at a high level. First a defenders main waepon the poke check was taken away. Fine....i adapted and learned to defend without it and have not looked back. The only way to play defense against highly skilled EASHL players now is to be in PERFECT position and either body the skater off the puck without over committing or get in passing lanes and intercept passes. I became an interception machine. Now after the patch passes are flying past my player while he stares at the birds. I will be right in the lane and it goes past me. Also I cannot pick up a loose puck to save my life. Why does my player have no awareness now? From patch notes.....Applied changes to make players not reach as much on loose pucks as they were leaving the player too vulnerable. Is this why I can no longer pick up loose pucks? So now i cant poke, cant intercept passes, and cant pick up loose pucks. I guess I will paint myself orange with silver stripes and spam x.
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