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Dressing room Error

Still having the dressing room error happen. Very disappointing. My net is working fine and i can barely play a game. This is not a beta version and i have paid good money for this game. Its a shame because its a really great game and i would like to be able to play it! Please help! Thanks!


  • This is not funny, all the time if I want to play world of chel I have dressing room error after every match.Sorry but this for 69€, no thank you
  • Still happening and no help from EA. Ive spent money on a game i cant play. Can come out with all the excuses but you advertise a game that has these game modes and people who spend good money expect to be able to play them. Nobody here to offer any advice or reassurance. Very unprofessional.
  • Yes I've seen them and they dont really give much detail on when its going to be fixed
  • Update for EA. The error seems most common after the first game. So if i log on and play a drop in or club game, 6/10 times i will get a game. If i do not close application though, i am garunteed to get dressing room error time and time again.

    This is very simmilair to the issue on NHL18 where after some online game modes (mainly hut), you cannot play two consecutive games without closing application in between. I can only assume it is an almost identical bug.

    With all due respect EA, nhl19 is an amazing game. Im sure someone at EA will remember my complaints of nhl18 and know fully well i do not hold back on a complaint. You guys should know i am not biased and that when i say this game is amazing, i mean it is amazing. However, the bugs and errors make it a complete amateur attempt of creating a game. I once said 18 was like a beta to you guys well 19 even more so. Not only is it embaressing to you guys but it is a complete disgrace to treat customers who have purchased your products since before the turn of the century. You really need to test these games for these errors before selling them. It is disgraceful. Are you going to offer people any kind of compensation for the lack of quality they have paid for? I suppose you dont have to until somebody else takes over the hockey gaming franchise. Its a shame that your games become so bad through NOTHING ELSE other than stupid bugs which should be ironed out and fixed during the beta release.

    Please listen to your customers, the people who feed your families and pay your bills. Please get this fixed asap especially seeings you offer nothing else to those of us affected.

    Thank You.
  • How is this glitch still in the game? EA has no problem pumping out HUT cards all day but cant even fix a glitch that lags my out of 80% of my games. What a joke, I hope you EA Devs get what coming to you. If this problem consists im getting my money backmmmmmm
  • EA fix this!!!!
  • New update seems to have fixed the problem. Well done EA and thank you.
  • I got this game for Black Friday thinking I can play with friends, but that seems to be not the case. 6v6 I have to press triangle and view the player's list just to play 25% of the time and 3v3 its seem I play 10% of the time. When it this going to be patch?????
  • Dressing room error is still an issue in the game and i doubt they will fix it as this was an issue in the beta. I get the error everyday and struggle to play team games in EASHL. NHL 19 should be called EA Dressing Room Simulator
  • Magical0ne
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    this is a joke ? WHY ONLY ME IN MY FRIEND !!! when the game are start, booom dressing room error and my friend have to play without me, 1300cr and take this risk!!! WHYYY
  • Magical0ne
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    pleaaaaaase help me , i have buy the xbox one X and after always got this error !!
  • 432150
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