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Does Drop-in have a dynamic timer?

Now that you're letting people join in-progress lobbies, I've now been getting into lobbies where the timer is a few seconds from the red (where you won't let people back out). I think this needs to go for one. The lobby had four people on my team when I joined. When the puck dropped, there were only two. You're forcing people that arrive to late to decide if they want to play or not, to basically dashboard their game. It's leaving suckers like me that actually stay, high and dry. Either the game is more AI than players or the game crashes from lack of players. Instead of stopping people from leaving, it should be that no one should be able to join at a certain time (say.. 10-15) seconds before the game starts. That way, people know that's what they're going to get and can leave if they want to so the lobby can either drop or the timer restarts to it can fill again.

I know you implemented some of this to keep people from dropping, but it's happening anyway.
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