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Poor Defense? EA fixed it for you. Lol

Play 3’s steady. Yes tons of breakaway goals. Would get lots of hate mail. Like try something else or you guys suck after we just whooped you. Now EA needed to change the way you can stick handle on breakaways to compensate for your crap defense. Good teams that played D would kick our butts sometimes. Put it this way. You give 10 breakaways to any NHL’r what do you this kid the out come will be? The coach won’t tell Conner Mcdavid to try and score another way when he keeps on putting the puck in the net. Change the way you play. I love playing good players. It forces me to defend. Good players can score multiple ways. But if you keep giving them the same spot why do they need to change. EA should not have to put in a fix for your crappy play. They need to fix the division rankings so crap teams play crap teams and good teams play good teams. Oh well time to get to the practice room and figure this out for 2019.


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