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Question for Devs regarding roster share

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edited October 2018
Just curious but since the current gen consoles came out roster share has to be one of the most asked for additions next to 5 man celly. The past 2 years you have acknowledged that you know it’s requested by many but you never address why you haven’t added this feature. It’s been in many sports games for a long time and it’s long over due. Any insight as to when we can expect this feature? Also please update and expand your play by play name list it’s woefully limited as opposed to many sports titles. Thanks


  • As a moderater says here, the devs do not answer here in this Forum but they read. What helps us reading when they do not listen here in this Forum and work than for customers main wishes like roster sharing and many other wishes too.
  • But I see a ton of posts here where a Dev has answered
  • An answer helps not, they should work for customer wishes
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