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NHL 19 Tuner 1.02 - Expected October 11th @ 2am PDT


  • biggy514
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    I have been a dedicated fan and loyal customer of EA NHL is 94, and every year, I keep saying to myself that it's going to get better. Like usual NHL 19 suck as usual, with the new patch update it made the game even worst. It made unbearable to play online. I felt that EA Sports has cheated the community again, I've been reading forums and alot of people felt the same. You have sold us on the Beta, then when the release comes out, if felt like playing NHL 18 all over again. Where is the skating and AI in the Beta version???. I felt totally cheated out of my 90$, and think that EA Sports should refund everybody for the game that they had purchased this year. Again EA you should stop making hockey games, you guys are lucky you are the only company that is making the game and have no competitors and can do whatever you want. If 2K sports is still around, I don't think you would be cheating the community and actually take a moment to listen to them and make a better hockey game. Mind you it's the community that builds up ur business and pays your paychecks.
  • Wasn’t a big 2k fan, but I think they need some competition. Mlb the show gets it right, madden could use a competitor as well. At least there is 2 basketball games, funny how nba 2k is better, hopefully somebody can give us a alternative to this disappointing game year in and year out
  • baneeeee
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    i just don't get how an enforcer defense men, can check the crap out of me and skate just as fast as me and kick my **** all game and i am a sniper, like there is no balance. in club the goalie stick does not change to your team color its always the crappy blue and white stick, its little details like this that drive me crazy... the worst is the SERVERS on ps4, where you cant even connect half the time when trying to play club game, stupid server errors.. the game is supposed to be fun and its not..

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  • This game is not too bad, but the one thing to impress me at this point is to improve the authenticity of the game such as updating the Center ice logos for the Senators and the Red Wings. The Senators went back to their original logo for their Center ice and the Red Wings logo no longer says “Hockey Town” on their Center ice. Just a suggestion from my point of view, but I have high trust that EA will get this done.
  • Again, thanks EA for the patch release. However....
    - Edit player in seasons = not fixed :'(
    - broken Champions Hockey League game schedule = not fixed :'(
    - Austria Jersey font and number colour error = not fixed :'(
  • Played a lot of Chel on Xbox this past weekend and noticed it’s become quite difficult to use my stick defensivly without drawing a penalty. To the degree that I’ve become gun shy about both the RB and A buttons. Matchmaking both in filling the rooms as wel as balancing teams worked well. Aside from the penalties the games were almost all close and entertaining. Win, lose, or draw I just want to play well in close games.
    All Comments pertain to 6v6 drop in unless otherwise stated..
  • Ducci1012
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    I finally caved and set the tuner back to V1.00 today. It's so much more fun than the last two updates. I pretty much exclusively play offline, on superstar, as I've done for years until NHL 18 (same garbage as I'll describe). On V1.00 with the last patch, the game actually feels fair. I feel like the CPU and I have the same utilities at our arsenal. It's competitive, but if I cause the CPU to misstep, I can ACTUALLY take advantage of the space I earned. As soon as I put it on V1.01 or V1.02, all of a sudden the CPU has the uncanny ability to strip the puck WITHOUT poke checking or stick lifting, just by skating BEHIND my players. My guys just turn the puck over and the CPU can turn on a dime and maintain possession. It's insane, cheap, and absolutely infuriating. If I'm using Brad Marchand and he gets a step on Jason Garrison, there's ZERO chance Jason Garrison is stripping that puck from behind let alone catching up, yet this mismatch happens every single game on the latest tuners and there is literally NO WAY to do the same thing as a human player. This is not greater difficulty, it is cheap. On the original tuners, this doesn't happen, I get the same luxury the CPU gets in regard to maintaining possession when the D man has poor positioning. I'm grateful we actually have a tuner version this year that's playable, because NHL 18 was just like this all year. I don't understand how this team can keep screwing this up so much when they got it so right out of the gate.
  • So what you’re saying is now the Computer will NEVER take a penalty.

    Wow. Stop going the wrong way with these tuners.
    Ty_Hors wrote: »
    October 11th @ 2am PDT - Tuner 1.02
    • Improved consistency of penalty calls from errant stick lifts
    • Increased deking success rate in keeping the puck. Player attributes still provide a big range in ability but all players will be improved from where they were with the change.
    • Improved consistency of blocking incidental stick contact if the stick collided with body geo first
    • Improved pickup solve consistency
    • Players will no longer drop their sticks
    • Improvements to AI goalie decision making when playing the puck out of their net. Mostly impacts goalies that were too aggressive
    • AI goalie puck tracking improvements
    • Reduced the chance ai skaters will put the puck over the glass for delay of game penalties in World of Chel

  • Horrible skating now . Why ruin such a good thing the game was actually fun again . I’d convinced my friends this year was actually good again . Hitting as well no one wants to bounce off the players we want to smash each other in vs mode . Why was this toned down. The stick lift is stupid now too as is poke check these should work when your in position to make the checks or lifts . It seems like a random lotto tilted against you when you press the button. Game is becoming a disaster

    Best versions of the game for me have been nhl 14 and 17 . These were actually fun to play. I play mostly online vs mode and will put In over 100 games per year sometimes plenty more. NHL 18 I only played 25 as it was so awful.
  • Wish I had an opinion on the skating but I can’t even get into effing games because of dressing room errors.

    I never bothered to go on these boards for previous games because the issues were manageable. I’m completely disillusioned by how you’re handling the errors. I will not buy another NHL after this.
  • Dracolitch77
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    After a eashl game its not saving stats or experience. This is complete crap and should be looked in to.
  • I've been playing EAsport games since '93 and have always defended the NHL series to non believers, lol. When NHL 15 was released without EASHL, I understood the complications going from the previous console to the PS4 so I didn't complain. Even after 17 & 18 were essentially the same dam game, I still didn't say a peep. Then the NHL 19 Beta was released and I was completely vindicated, the game among my pals was unanimously praised, the skating felt innovative, game play was smooth and in EASHL (I refused to call it that stupid made up word) your player finally felt like you had complete control over all of it's movements and not a table hockey cardboard cutout.

    Since I enjoyed the skating, turning, shooting, puck pick ups, L2 movements plus the new 1's mode so much in the Beta, I was convinced to preorder the three day early version of NHL 19. Then the reviews came out which only reinforce my own beliefs, the reviews all recommended the game BECAUSE OF HOW THE NEW SKATING FELT but two weeks after the release EA gives us a tuner patch which completely destroyed the game, now NHL 19 feels practically like NHL 18 only with Dressing room errors. I knew eventually a patch would come out nerfing something like the stick lift or bringing back poke check spamming but NEVER did I think that EA would ruin the new skating mechanic thus taking away the best aspect in NHL 19......HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?!?!?

    Why would EA listen to the complaining thirteen year olds who can't even afford to buy this game on their own? I've been a paying customer for over two decades, I have disposable income that I choose to spend on the NHL franchise each year so then why do I feel like my input isn't as important as the players who only play the game after receiving it as a gift at Christmas from grandma? My buddies warned me that EA would do this "they always make a major improvement, then nullify it in a early update" they predicted it but I refused to listen. The newly introduced RPM engine bought realistic skating physics to the game and was a vast improvement SO WHY CHANGE IT?!?!?!

    During the Beta and at the games release you couldn't really catch up to another player if they had a step on you but after the patch it doesn't matter how small or big your player is, we're all the same speed regardless of positioning. I was so impressed with this game pre patch so PLEASE EA, start ignoring the usual crew of thirteen year olds who you incorrectly believe are the core consumer base for your product, let them whine about the game being more simulation then arcade game. PLEASE change the skating back to how it was and always should be or just know I will not be buying the next version. I look forward to reading a reply, thank you.
  • Continuous issues with eashl drop ins. Always get dressing room error. And the matchmaking for HUT is ridiculous. I was in division 9, and the matchups are just ridiculous. How when I am first starting to play I’m getting matched up with teams that are stacked with legends and all stars, when I barely have guys in the 80s. Needs to fix this
  • Omg...the stick penalties and general behavior around the ability to trip//knock the puck off etc. heck even the interference calls are nuts. Hockey’s a clutchy grabby slashy sport. We are not a tender folk. Stop making us look like soccer players.

    Also, skating transitions and short Burst. I mean come on..you had it..or at least close.

    But yeah whoever released this last patch needs to be sent to the penalty box and feel the shame..
    All Comments pertain to 6v6 drop in unless otherwise stated..
  • SONYstarkweather
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    Love the game but will probably walk away from it due to a few annoyances

    Major: I’m still getting Dreasimg Room Error. I know it’s specific to PS4 and it’s down right crap. Thought you were working on a fix?

    Minor: Speaking of the dressing room. Do you want us to be able to take our head gear off, so we can show off our unlocked hair styles? Cause if you do, you need to fix it. Seems like only a few people know which hoops to jump thru to take head gear off (Casual outfit EASHL). But, when you figure it out, you realize that most big hair styles don’t show up. It’s like you have hat hair.

    The Dressing room error has already turned off two of my buddies. They’re done. I’m trying to be patient, but it’s getting old...it’s BEEN old. Please fix this for loyal fans.
    1.) Skater build attribute differentiation increased - This was in a patch bc we asked for more noticeable differences between builds and players and it was changed like we wanted, however it was changed the wrong way. We liked where everything was at speed wise, but wanted the higher ratings stuff increased, instead the was left the same and the lower ratings and bigger builds stuff was decreased to make the other stuff more noticeable. This was a step backward and needs corrected. Take everything back to where it was and then on the higher rated players (VS/HUT) increase the higher guys even more and then EASHL make the smaller builds faster not the bigger builds slower and then the guys with higher shooting, passing etc all increased but return the lower guys back to original feel

    2.) Incidental contact - This has become very bad as of late, with guys not opting to poke or running for hits and missing but hitting you and getting the stick lift noise or poke noise or getting the puck lose and really ruining the flow of the game and hurting puck control with guys essentially not doing anything defensively but running into you or even your own teammate hitting each other or getting too close

    3.) Bumps seem to be better except the ones from behind are still helping guys catch people or knock them off the puck when their momentum is away from them

    4.) Puck Carrier Speed - too many times guys are getting caught on breakways. Even if they steal it off the Dmen they are able to turn and catch them or backcheckers catch up, is it puck carrier speed penalty, does Accell take too long to kick in to reach max speed, is it the stamina FWDs have vs Dmen, whatever it is it needs addressed.

    5.) Shooting Power and Accuracy - way too many missed nets and way too many times shots come off too weak for all builds and all modes

    6.) Goalie Glove Hand - goalies are strong which honestly is fine but the saves where theyre on the other side of the net and we shoot the open side and they either reach across and glove or throw their blocker hand out too far need to go. Im all for good goalies and them only getting beat when we beat the D but they need to be in position and that is the only glaring issue for them right now in my opinion

    7.) Long Reach Pass Interceptions away from the body - The long reach extensions need to go, we need it back to poking the lanes to break up far passes, anything tight to the body can be picked off if positioned properly, aka facing the play or visibility of the puck, those could even use an increase, but the far reach ones when momentum is backwards and you reach into a lane or on the backcheck when you auto knock down a saucer need removed or toned down

    8.) One Touch Passing along the boards, 1 touches are still slightly delayed from time to time, seems based on how you pick it up

    1.) Guys who take penalties are still going to the BENCH and not always the Penalty box

    2.) Faceoff formation - id really like to be able to pull up and adjust the faceoff formations at will, not just randomly when theres a whistle and people don't press A, I should be able to bring it up before, during or after the play and be able to change it. Id also love it to old gen where the FWD is in the high wing spot instead of the dman in the O zone aggressive faceoff

    3.) Goalie Lag out before club game - If a goalie lags out before the game starts it isn't dropping the game like it usually does, it will in game but not before

    4.) Every players position in highlight reel is CENTER

    5.) In the team stats screen it is just showing Power Plays and not power play success and attempts
  • B0SSofB0SSES9
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    The game was the best game you've had out since old gen due to the skating. You ruined it. NOONE wants to skate like a 300lb RUXtv clone dripping backfat on ice. NOONE wants to turn like jjr turns going after the last pack of powdered donuts at 7-11. Have any of you people played hockey in your life? It's a fast paced game. Leave it fast so all the bad players have to become better to stop good players.Dont slow it down for all the idiots who have fat hands and complain because they cant defend. You claim you want to make a realistic NHL game and strive to improve it every year but do the opposite. Why are there no breakaways or breakaway speed? Why have attributes for speed as a small player build(dangler or playmaker etc) when a 6'5 DFD can catch you from a standstill and bump you every time on a breakaway. You think Radko Gudas could catch Mcdavid with speed? smh WATCH SOME CHEL and MAKE THE GAME FUN AGAIN.Literally the only thing u needed to fix was maybe tune the pokes down a tad and fix the super wide spinorama. Christ man sweet lous in his mid 20s and the only thing on his entire twitter page is all NHL pics and highlights and updates about the game. Give this guy something to be happy about since he has no social life and cant get laid. The game has consistently gone downhill since old gen. Bring the old developers back if you're gonna ruin the game and make it almost unplayable year after year.
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  • Nxckles
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    Goals per game per team in the most popular 6s league with a lot of top players (LGHL)


    The major boost to defensive play + goalies and the nerf to offensive ability resulted in a major decline in goal scoring. We're left with a boring, frustrating game where the best offensive strategy is to throw weak shots on net and hope for a lucky bounce, deflection, or rebound.
  • TNGZigZag
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    I had to check if i was playing NHL 19 or 18 @EA you guys are greedy and slow for adding these tuners... revert the game back to launch no one wants to play this crap we are getting fed up with you guys ruining the game, this is absolutely pathetic and ridiculous your lucky LG is a thing or you're game would be dead
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