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LT/L2 I hope it doesn’t come back.

Even though it brings a skill gap it’s not a hockey one. It’s basically a half pivot which let you choose which way to go with a speed boost while choosing which way to go (left or right) based on the defender’s move.

It’s not a hockey move.

I’m all up for the beta poke check because it’s a skill gap based on hockey knowledge and positioning.

The skillzone is annoying because everybody ends up playing the trap but you can always pass around it.

I’d like to see forecheck rewarded more.

Tldr: just make sure the skillgap are based on hockey knowledge and not player attributes.


  • I do play irl too since I’m a kind and never have I never seen a player with puck possession do a half pivot skate backward on entry zone than do a 90 degree cut towards the net.

    I had a lot of success with the the pre 1st day tuner set going 11-0. Then I had a hard learning how to play around the skill zone until I pressed lt on the rush.

    On the previous tuner without skillzoning I have a lot of succes playing defense.

    I feel like a lot of players just want to boost along the boards for the easy play.
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