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XB1 Team Looking For Players

We are looking for LD and RD players, who can play forward on occasion (if one of our forwards don't show up). Please know how to play your position. We are currently div 3 team, spent most of last year as div 1 team. If you are interested post here with your gamertag and I will be in contact with you.


  • Id be more then happy to Play those position, I can play every position effectively and been playing since 2014, played in several tourneys and competitions. was ranked in top 800 avg over the span of 14-19 looking to find a great team with a great attitude.
  • What is your gamertag so we can chat?
  • I play defensive defenseman. I can score if needed, but I prefer setting up others and playing mainly defensively.
    XBOX One name: MB Caniac
  • My gamertag is xR Jokes. I can play any position the team needs. Im mostly a playmaker on the ice and i can score goals whenever. we can msg over xbox if ur interested in having me on the team
  • GT: xX KingQueso Xx
    I can play LD or RD and I can also play LW and C depending on what you need. On occasion I also play Goalie
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