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Where are the answers???

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All these posts I see people complaining about how the skating and gameplay feels like garbage again. Its all over here. It's all over Twitter. It's all over the LG site. And then you get the few people that come on here and act like the ones complaining need to stop because the game feels great for them. It's obviously not the same for everyone for different reasons. Well for me, the game was absolutely near perfect in the beta. And ever since release, I feel exactly like I'm playing NHL '18 all over again. But no one can give any answers. No it's not my connection or my internet. My internet is top notch. I'm also hard wired and have a good monitor and every other game works perfectly. But once again, it's this game that gives me problems every year. I wasn't gonna buy it this year until I played the beta. Beta was amazing for the first time since I can remember. I fork over 70 bucks to even get it early, and what do I get? I get NHL '18!!! Can someone please explain what is happening. Everywhere I look, EA just wont answer or admit anything. You obviously changed something because it's not just a slight difference. It's embarrassingly different. This is not the same game I played in July. Change the game back. If you don't I hope you lose more than half your customers next year because I sure as hell ain't getting fooled anymore. Worst company ever.


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    Also, how many years is it gonna take before you realize that when a player gets a penalty, he goes to the penalty box and not the bench? Hence the term, "penalty box." That has cost us multiple games when a player gets a breakaway coming out of the wrong side cuz we aren't aware he's in the bench. I mean, c'mon!!!! FIX YOUR GAME!!!!
  • Your answers are in the patch and tuner notes threads.
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